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  • tdodge101 tdodge101 Mar 15, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    The worst customer service

    experience lies with this company. They constantly lose customers and fail to gain new ones as their customer service nothingness subtracts current paying customers in droved and detracts from any new customer gains.

    Zynga customer service refuses to address the most mundane and simple customer service requests like this one that has been pending for over a week after being escalated on 3/8/12 by some chump named Marcelo. A week ago Marcelo said this on this matter after a 1.5 hour discussion wherein a paying customer expressed extreme skepticism that a resolution would be had on a rather simple issue:
    "Marcelo S.: I understand your point of view, ******* and of course, I know that it affects your game, as offers of that nature are wonderful to improve your account and I promise I will make sure to follow up on this, as you have reported it previously.
    ..... Marcelo S.: At the moment, I do not have an immediate solution, but I will be following up on your case and I will get back to you as soon as I get more information .....
    Marcelo S.: I understand that you want an immediate solution as that is the main purpose of coming into chat, but at this moment, we do not have an immediate solution for what you are reporting. I want you to lend me your trust, as I will make sure to dig deeper into this situation and get back to you as soon as I get updates.
    ....Marcelo S.: I know you have had experiences in the past that have made you lost the trust; nevertheless, this time it will be different as I promise you that I will follow up on this."

    A week went by after all these promises and nothing happened. No response, no solution, nothing. So after another 2 hours on chat on these issues today and repeated references to the past promises the same customer gets this:
    "Karen G.: At the moment, this ticket has no resolution yet as you have noticed.
    ...Karen G.: Unfortunately is not under my hands. Let me do something for you, I will update the report, and contact you in 5 hours. I will do my best to hurry up this process. If I don't get a solution by then, I will contact you to let you know. "

    3.5 hours of wasted customer time and wasted $$$$ spent on customer service agents that do nothing. if someone appreciates services littered with problems and a customer service team that does nothing to fix them then spend money on zynga products.

    Zynga as an offering will continue to squander while the brokerage pimps rip clients off by investing in this failure.

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