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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Mar 19, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    ZNGA, Arrogance, and Greed

    Part II: Because of the culture of greed and arrogance, I don't want to own the stock. I feel the same way about Goldman "Sacks." Furthermore, the success of ZNGA is rooted in addiction, as is true of the tobacco and liquor industries. The malady of ZNGA is much more insidious than liver failure and lung cancer. While seemingly innocent on the surface, there is an associated loss of time, opportunity, and ambition. South Korea has already established private camps where children are weened off of their gaming addiction. There are large promotional costs associated with getting people hooked on this pastime. Gaming addiction will increasingly be recognized as both harmful and anti-social. I don't allow my own son to play. The gaming trend will run its course and then be frowned upon. That will be part of the spiritual revolution I have already discussed. So we are talking about a 14 billion dollar company which doesn't make anything. By the way, do you think Pincus wants his own children addicted to gaming? Major sell signal remains in effect. Current target price: $9.50

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    • You really think people will stop being obsessed with garbage like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga and stupid trinkets like the iPhone/iPad? Yea, 10 years ago it was Nsync and beepers and now it's Justin Beiber and smart phones. The names change but game remains the same.

    • No, it's not going to be funny at all. The shift will occur after much pain and soul searching are inflicted upon the nation; there is no certainty this can be accomplished without a major war (Iran??). Our minds have been programmed by mass media and an infatuation with drugs like ZNGA. It's all about conformity. Don't bother to ask the difficult questions. People like to be told everything is OK; many will trade freedom for supposed security. ZNGA is simple enslavement to everything which is wrong with America. And yes, I firmly believe the spiritual revolution is coming. Major sell signal remains in effect.

    • To avr01: I enjoyed reading your piece; of course, we are in complete agreement. I would state further that there is much honorable about the folks with "dirt" under their finger nails, the workers who make our lives comfortable. Nursing is definitely no easy job; my sister is a nurse practitioner and has her Phd. I have admiration for your profession, less so for the doctors who often have inflated egos. One of the major problems I have with a majority the ZNGA postings, is there is an overriding theme of I, me, and mine. It is essentially a get rich scheme (sure thing after Facebook)to be carried out at any cost. I don't like what the company stands for, and in a strictly investment sense, the fundamentals are way over-hyped. We will see what is at the core of this country in the difficult years ahead. High time for us to know our neighbors and talk to them. A simple sense of community. Major sell signal remains in effect.

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      • what a hypocrit. you have your son texting on a phone that you enable him with but " i like to encourage him to play guitar or something else even though he is addicted to texting"
        but video games "are the devil" and more addictive and harmful than smoking and drinking.
        znga is a form of entertainment with their games the same way that going to the movies is, oh let me guess you dont do that either. sounds like you would be best suited to be in a cabin in the woods writing a manifesto

      • You have described activities much the same as I see in Las Vegas and other gambling areas. Except with ZNGA the same folks get to play in the (comfort) of their own homes and don't have to breathe in the second hand smoke. Don't for a minute think this is a game for youngsters, there is real money spent playing these games. The only thing that matters is the revenue stream, and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

    • avr01 Mar 20, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

      I totally agree with your thinking Adonna.......our society needs to teach their children the socially acceptable ways to spend their extra time to their advantsge (when not studying) What is happening to volunteerism, healthy outlets like hobbies..... and many dhildren need a big brother/sister etc..!!!!!..Are we really satisfied with wasting time playing games rather than more important things??? I quess it might be to some few greedy characters advantage, to promote this shallow way of life!!!! (investors ) I'm afraid we all will be facing much worse economic conditions in the near future...SO Let's teach, especially our youth to COPE.!!!! Incidently, I am not an alarmist or fanatical extremist...I am a Registered nurse, full time employed in a highly regarded hospital, have raised 2 healthy and successful sons. I simply live in the real world.....

    • a major sell signal? lol
      yeah social gaming as well as XBOX, WI, playstaion etc game can be addictive. funny how you equate it to liquor and tobacco. hey if you dont want your kid playing halo thats fine, I am sure a lot of parents feel that way and would never own MSFT or AAPL either because of the addictive things they promote. Have you seen the kids today addicted to texting? I have seen a lot of kids addicted to eating junk food, you should eliminate KO and PEP as well. Pushing snack foods on consumers.

    • >>>a 14 billion dollar company

      What company are you talking about?

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