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  • jcknapier711 jcknapier711 Mar 23, 2012 10:06 PM Flag

    ZNGA-Oh my God! POP!!!

    >>>some message boards are better than others

    Exactly, that's what makes your point moot.

    This stock might go lower when the entire market crashes, but that will have nothing to do with your fantastically preposterous idea of a spiritual revolution, nor will it have anything to do with the any fundamental shortcomings in ZNGA's business plan. I suspect that you don't even know how much money the average ZNGA player spends per month, nor do you even think that they do spend any money at all.

    I'd suspect that you, in fact, inwardly embrace wholeheartedly mass consumerism while outwardly rejecting it to impress others. That's what my Mom does. She's always criticizing Americans about consumerism, but meanwhile she has a pile of gadgets and crap that she'll likely never even use. I suspect that you, being of similar politic bent, do the same.

    The only people that I have known to really, truly reject consumer culture are priests, monks, nuns and other religious types. You are not one of those people.

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    • I own a 1968 Volkswagen bus--quite a cheap insurance policy as it has a bed in the back and you never know when I might be living in it. I own several bicycles which are my transportation 90% of the time. I do have a cell phone and a used computer of questionable speed. No credit cards. Not much else of substance. Well, I am a journeyman mechanic, so I do have a big collection of tools and welding equipment. Who knows, I might get get along with your mother. Maybe she isn't the phony you paint her as. My father is wealthy and about to die; he's taking nothing with him. We didn't get along that well. Money was always power in my family. I hated it.

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      • The only phony here is you a-hole. You are a liar and a delusional crackhead. Just how many ounces of weed did you smoke today? If you're going to talk sh/t about someone do it to their face. It's one thing to make a 'Mom joke', but to seriously insult someone's Mom is just plain wrong and exposes you as the worthless pos you are.

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