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  • southshoretrader southshoretrader Apr 3, 2012 1:26 PM Flag

    Zynga's Accounting...

    If you think Groupon's accounting was shady, you aint seen nothing yet.

    Zynga already had issues with their accounting in the last (and first ever) earnings release. Footnote: Bloomberg West - Corey Johnson.

    Now these companies will do anything to justify these ridiculous valuations. Sound like the .com bubble?? it should, its an exact replay. With one notable exception, the management teams will not listen to "the adults" in the room. They are not equipped professionally to run "multi billion dollar" companies.

    You will see massive cosolidations of this new bubble, after the market determines who has real value.

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    • so how many "competitors" have they bought out? Did you read the article about it I posted? you seem to disregard anything and put the same spin on things
      hey I have had shorts on here from $10 justifying why it shouldnt go up and it will drop to $2 and I have seen longs with news saying it will go to $30 after some rumor. so nothing new there.
      the wynn "buyout"?
      P.S. I hope you can read better than that. there was a news article about wynn and ZNGA maybe partnering and apparently having talks (i will provide the link if you dont have it), that isnt a buyout the last time I checked, some idiots will post that it is. (not saying you would make some stupid comment referring to a buyout, just some idiots actually did).

    • My point is you cannot buyout every competitor especially when your diluting every other month. I noticed your counter points are becoming more and more evasive.

      We will so who is right and who is wrong, it will be fun watching longs try to quantify this crazy valuation.

      PS: What happened to all that Wynn buyout bs?? lol,,,stock could not even hold one day. (And don't try and sell me it was a weak market day either.)

    • ok, so no insider has ever sold a share after the lockup period. that never happens, I dont even know why any company even has a lockup period. funny how your opinion that ZNGA overpaid for OMGPOP is contrary to alot of people. A lot of people think that OMGPOP actually sold too soon and ask why they didnt wait for a better offer.
      I am not in the meetings (i assume you are not either) so neither of us know what goes on.

    • Steve Jobs dumped AND LEFT THE COMPANY. Scully and Jobs could not get along.

      ZNGA's valuation alone is in the billions, far ahead of where they should be. It's already tough sledding as demonstrated in the panic acquistion they just overpaid for. Thats a very poor business model for growth. These founders are not CPA's and are very reluctant to listen to sound business council.

      The street apparently agrees, as the stock could not even hold the hype gains it enjoyed this morning.

    • really? maybe everyone else missed the "shady" accounting. can you clarify what they did that you would even bother to waste a post dedicated to it? I cant believe I just wasted my time responding to something that was even a bigger waste of time reading.

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      • Really genius, I footnoted the source as from Bloomberg West's senior reporter Corey Johnson,,,,Znga never reported pre-ipo that they are losing a key client this month. It's going to take off approx. 67 MILLION off their top line.

        They altered the way they turned in their quarterly financials witch shocked even the most bullish ZNGA defenders.

        They may have counted 1 logged in gamer as two to bolster their numbers.

        Maybe you should look at a companies fundementals more thoroughly before you believe in hype.

    • It's a shame oxygen has to be wasted on you!

      On ignore, (southshoretrader )

    • It just seems to me like a domino pattern is starting with these social stocks.

      Plus when your stock price is shackled to the every whim of another company, thats red flag number one, when that company is losing customers every single month red flag two. Games do not stay in favor for long, kids are very fickle red flag three. When you set a very dangerous precedent by acquiring (or try to acqiure) your competitors by overpaying for a finite product red flag four.

      Most important of all and the scariest - when your top revenue generator is in FB credits??? and not hard currency, as an accountant, you've got major problems coming down the pyke

    • Well, thanks for reminding us of what everyone with a position in this stock should be aware of. It might be better not to point this out before the insiders exit.

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