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  • investorsuccess investorsuccess Apr 19, 2012 7:55 PM Flag

    How Low is ZNGA going to go?

    I got out in the mid $11's. Want to get back in but this is a falling knife! Will it go below $9? Thoughts?

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    • Well, at this rate, in 20 more trading days, I can buy the company.

      but what I believe caused the drop are many "non-insider uneducated young kids" working at Zynga (the staff) sold over the past week to pay for their tax bill as it could be substantial as it became taxable in 2011. Zynga forgot to take/teach the braniacs finance 101. Remember, staff don't have access to pubco earnings (at least they shouldn't else they are blacked out from trading), that is why in the secondary, you see the big wigs listed as selling. They cannot trade during this quiet period after Mar 31 and until I believe it is 24 hours post earnings.

      Small little "panick" sales but thousands of staff who had options exercising in 2011 started taking what they could get cuz they are all still in the money above $10. Shorts saw this and took advantage of this as these kids started calling their brokers to sell and guess what, the brokers saw the opportunity, and they are not your friend. You are money to them.

      They were stupid not to participate in the secondary thinking this would go to the moon (greed) and $12 was too cheap for them as they saw it at $15 a few weeks prior BUT when it was time to pay their taxes, Oops, you cannot control employees stupidity here, and then one started selling after another and this is what happens. Gobble gobble gobble from shorts and day traders all the way below the IPO price.

    • Ask Ludacris


    • Are you people really that stupid. The fact is FACEBOOK will have the best position to come in at 18 plus to acquire znga - at least 81% of value - so at 9 or 10 it's a win - great buying opportunity. Learn the mm's and your sure to understand the gains.

    • maybe until the insiders of this crooked company come out and said they finally got their retirement money from suckers like us

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      • Yes Zynga is an extremely crooked company and so are the people who manage Zynga. Zynga is go all the way back down to test support at the $8.00 level where it once was a few months ago. Then depending on what the earnings reports say in one week is whether it will go back up or keep going down. All these insiders who have neen selling million and millions of shares of their stock are telling me to expect much lower prices.

    • No clue. . . I only know this.

      Why in Zeus' butthole would 2 insiders sell right before earnings if earnings or guidance were good?

    • I would wait until sanity returns. Often it takes a while for a stock to really drop and stay down until people give it a chance again, and people are going to have to be REALLY CONVINCED this company has something to offer. There is the facebook IPO. . . I would get in before that hype starts. I learned a little lesson here and am going to wait until a week or two before the FB IPO. Idiots who NEVER LEARN are going to drive that price up and everything associated with it will be along for the ride, TEMPORARILY.

      Keep in mind ZNGA is not just 12% of FB revenue. It is the second largest revenue provider for FB after advertising (85%).

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      • "There is the facebook IPO. . . I would get in before that hype starts."

        That hype already started, which is the reason for the pop up to 16.

        I suggest that the poster wait until after earning so people can fully understand its position and forward thinking. This stock trades on news, nothing else. Save yourself time and energy before talking charts, the stock is too new to be tracked that way for a read.

      • Also keep in mind that Zynga doesn't get to keep any of the ad revenue that they generate for facebook.

        In addition, facebook knows that if Zynga leaves, there are hundreds of other games being developed that will fill the void. So they are not reliant on Zynga for that revenue.

        The notion that Zynga's valuation should 12% of facebook's is totally flawed.

        I'd avoid ZNGA at all costs, unless you're shorting them.

      • Yeah I would only trade this stock... this is definitely not a long stock that's for sure... I want to get in for the FB IPO but don't know what earnings will do to it. Thoughts on earnings?

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