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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Apr 28, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    May Day Call for ZNGA

    ZNGA has lost nearly 50% its value during a period when the overall market trended higher. Historically, the month of May has not been kind to equities, and this year will be no exception. In fact, the selling will gather force, and this will be no mere correction. What will be the catalyst for such an event? Certainly, Spain and Israel come to mind, but it could be something completely unsuspected. Long term charts indicate we are overdue for some heavy sailing. Even quality companies like Apple will be hammered as market psychology takes a dramatic shift. The weakest soldiers will fall the hardest, and this has major implications for ZNGA, a company which is not really making any money. Furthermore, market conditions will be such that the Facebook IPO will be postponed. I still expect a one to two point bounce this coming week in ZNGA if the markets are stable. This temporary rally should be used as an opportunity to sell. It is quite possible for ZNGA to break the $5- level. You best believe that ZNGA employees are increasingly nervous about the stock's current decline. Their attitude might be that it is better to get something now than risk holding into the future. And there are many shares in the hands of ZNGA employees. Some have already entered into agreements to purchase a home in San Francisco, and they need cash, not stock. Keep in mind that Pincus is already a set man, even though he only liquidated 5% of his holdings.
    "There's a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them how He will."
    Prepare for the spiritual revolution.

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    • You sound like a wanna-be cult leader. At least, Jim Jones actually was one.

    • looks basher

    • I know much about Oakland (155'th St.), but nothing about Honduras, although I do speak very good Spanish. No, Jim Jones was a cult leader and a bible beater. He was sexually quite deviant as well. He represents the power of evil. The current evil, ZNGA and their bilk, is much more insidious. It comes across as an innocent pastime, but is in fact very damaging to a mind, particularly a young one. Pincus is not the sharpest ax in the shed, but do you think for a minute he would allow his own children to become addicted to this Brave New World? No, this is primarily about accumulating wealth for Pincus and the Brotherhood. Many have already sold at much higher prices. I only look for people to change one man at a time. There will be no leaders. So, look for a healthy bounce in ZNGA, and then sell. It's all about money. Right?

    • >>>a culture which has been entirely brainwashed

      How do you know you haven't been brainwashed? Seems to me that talk of a 'spiritual revolution' is things that the likes of Jim Jones talk about.

    • The employment data still have the capacity to swing the markets, so apparently some people believe these figures. We have an employment report coming out this week. The silly games are symptomatic of a culture which has been entirely brainwashed. Most people, even the so-called experts, believe the economy is in a state of recovery. People believe as the programmers dictate; I obviously question this. Once the washout occurs, and it will be quite painful, people will begin to reevaluate their core values. The change will first be imperceptible, but the transformation will occur one man at a time, and then begin to multiply. Yes, I am an idealist, and not apologetic about it. I smoke marijuana rarely--two or three times per year. Bottom line, if you want to make some quick money in ZNGA, it is likely to bounce starting tomorrow. I wouldn't hold it too long, as the primary trend continues to be down. This whole thing interests me as a chess game does. There will be clear winners and losers. I am primarily interested in systemic risk at the moment. ZNGA is one very small domino. CHECK.

    • >>>Prepare for the spiritual revolution.

      You know, you might come off as reasonably intelligent if you didn't cough up brain farts like the above statement.

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      • The spiritual revolution will entail the complete and utter rejection of mass consumerism, the military/industrial complex, and mind numbing drugs like ZNGA. It will not occur before the nation is brought economically to its knees. We are presently in the early stages. Another major war is also likely in the cards. It cannot be paved over with more money printing from the Federal Reserve. Worthless fads like ZNGA will be erased. There must be complete recognition that America is morally and financially bankrupt. California will be at the forefront, as it is the state in the worst financial shape. As goes California, so goes the nation. It would be wise to be prepared. May is a critical month.

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