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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 May 3, 2012 4:28 PM Flag

    These boards are really getting lame

    Similar comments were voiced at the $15- level just a few weeks back when negative views were the definitely the minority. I agree the shorts can behave like vultures when they smell blood. On a stock like ZNGA there is very little commitment from either side. The overriding theme is to make quick easy money and then to move on to other quarry. If company insiders demonstrate a propensity to sell (at much higher prices) what do you expect. If a bet seems too easy, it probably is. ZNGA has cash reserves from the IPO, which will put a floor beneath the stock, but at what price? Furthermore, the company will continue to expend cash just to stay functioning. ZNGA operates in an extremely high overhead environment; there are few cities more expensive than San Francisco to do business. The most recent earnings report posted a loss. I see more of the same coming.

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    • Could not possibly agree more, albeit for different reasons.

      I like posts from longs, I like posts from shorts. As long as they have what you guys have. New actual information, or reasonable analysis.

      But this rapid screaming, as if all of us together could move this stock 10 cents versus institutional sellers or insiders going either way, is absolutely mindnumbing.

      Anybody know of a moderated board with a truly neutral moderator, who just likes what we do? Intelligent posts, from shorts or longs, and new information?

      This pathetic inane screaming in all CAPS of old or false information, followed by BUY BY BUHEY! SeLKL! SELL SELL, ZNGA SUCKS. ZNGA RULES. BUY NOW posted 12 times in succession by the same person is causing my brain to bleed.

      Thank you both for being among the 1 out of 20 posters who simply likes good new information, intelligent discussion, and thoughtful views.

      If either of you wants my stock if I die this year, feel free, as if I have to read one mOrE< SttOOpid completely incorrect post from somebody yelling FACEBEEK AT 26!!! ZNGA MUST GOO TOO THREE with utterly no concept of what market capital means, or how to run correct numbers of theoretical FB IPO eval vs. ZNGA eval, I fear I'm going to shoot myself.

      The only thing that keeps me going is to the extent that these type of idiots represent actual trading "strategy," it is exciting to know long or short, there is a ratio of 20 to 1 of idiots to guys like us who can simply do research, make good calls, and take all their money.

      Tomorrow will be a very telling day for me personally. I am a bit concerned that the market did not correct itself more by day's end when the press started retracting it's -current- story about rumored delay to June. But to the extent buffoons who believe that 20s 30s FB PPS equals to a 3 dollar FB -eval-, I do wish that FB had more brazenly gone for a higher opening PPS, as I personally will not be touching the FB IPO with somebody else's 10 foot pole.

      LOL, but then again, to the extent idiots represent a worthwhile share of market, I suppose that also means that on the FB board clueless wonders are now probably posting. FB IS CHEEP! 20S AND THEY SAYD IT'D B WORTH 100! ROFLMAO. Good luck with that, kids. :D


      Thanks, guys. Happy money making, either way.

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