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  • coberlyjoey coberlyjoey May 8, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    Serious question for my fellow longs

    This stock is starting to turn into a nightmare, even with the FB ipo around the corner...what i thought was turning into a nice inverse head and shoulders is now an ugly descending triangle breaking down on heavy volume...If this doesnt turn around quickly and close above 8 support ill be getting out, this thing is setting up to drop much lower imo...What do you longs think?

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    • New lows is never a good picture.

      Not enough history to say it's bottomed. It may follow patterns of many IPO & visit the 6s.

      People are buying this for wrong reaons. Pure specuaktive gambling in the face of no revenues.

    • seems like motley fool is negative on every stock, they sound like that pig cramer

    • Still holding from the 8s. I plan on holding this one for at least a year minimum. I see growth in the company and think this is a buy and hold type scenario. GLAL

    • Stan, it will go up when all the big boys are locked and loaded. It's like a game of chicken,
      they are waiting for everyone to say "Uncle"! Calls are rising and FB IPO will replace the
      Greece and overseas bad news....and don't ever listen to the Motley Fools, they are a bunch
      of idiots! Sit on your hands! Better yet, play a ZNGA game!


    • when it will go up

    • Chart doesn't look promising. I shorted periodically from $11 to $9 covered last week and thought it would get a bounce between $8-9. Bought a small position and I am holding through IPO because one upgrade from the right firm will send this back to $12. That being said, from a techincal standpoint -- Yuckk!

    • wtf is going on, wtf is going on, wtf is going on, wtf is going on, wtf is going on, wtf is going on, wtf is going on

    • Capititulation is always ugly, but it is the start of the next great move. I think we are in the midst of it right now. Added on the way down.

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      • Pumpkin, you are so right. This is exactly what the shorts are betting on....impatience! Look
        at the volume, they are picking up every share that is sold. I have been caught this way more
        than I am embarrassed to say. Sold and then a couple days later had that sick feeling in
        my stomach when the stock exceeded my buy price.....I'm not going to do that again.


    • Well, you're going to do what you are going to do. If you want to look at the positive in the craziness, however, consider the outlandish volatility. With the stock going up and down a full 10% on intraday trading with the IPO more than a week and a day, can you -imagine- how crazy it is going to get on the 18th itself?

      I know. Not for the feint of heart.

      Could it be setting up to drop even further, today or tomorrow? Hell if I know. But if that demonstrates more volatility in a vaccuum, I'm focusing on the amazing upside possibilities of the 18th.

      Could not agree more with your typical charts reads. But with this level of irrationality (NOT criticizng the shorts, I'm talking about the delta-ignoring volatility of the options) with over a week away of the frenzy, the more we might see massive volatility and huge jumps on the 18th. But if you're not sitting by a screen on the 18th, I would agree with your premise. Get out when you can.

      Previously, I was thinking ZNGA just didn't have the volality for a dollar an hour jump "on the day." Now, I would not be totally shocked if the stock should make a dollar per 30 minute run on the 18th.

      Day traders and computers are making a bloody fortune on this volatility right now. Think they'll ignore the 18th? You'll make your own call on that, but my call is "no way, period."

    • I'm having mixed feelings about it. Part of me wants to see what happens at the time of IPO and possibly a little afterwards; and a part of me wants to get out now. I feel that if it does go lower - the only way to go is up. But at the same time, if it does get to the point to where I break even, I might exit (unless some really good news comes along that makes the downtrend worth riding out...)

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