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  • davidlstep davidlstep May 18, 2012 9:15 PM Flag

    Never remain married to a stock

    Okay, so you hoped that this was going to skyrocket, and it didn't, and now to cover your losses, or lack of gains, you are going to hold to prove you were right all along. All along with all the other people typing hype and feeding each other.

    If you are smart, you will take your money out of this ridiculous company. Yeah, I know, I can't rationalize someone out of a position that they didn't rationalize themselves into, and no one that bought this made a rational decision.

    There are so many better stocks in which to invest your money. Really.

    Invest in less sexy stocks. You know what's going to make money in the future? Retirement homes ( Long-Term Care Facilities). Baby Boomers have to leave the workplace and their own homes at some point. Look at Sunrise (SRZ). Heck, look at Five Star Quality Care Inc. (FVE), which is currently priced at half the value of its assets. Tell me that stock will not double when someone realizes they could buy it and liquidate it and double their money.

    Other non-sexy stocks? Tankers. Yeah, those big boats that ship oil. Teekay Tankers Ltd. (TNK), much like FVE, is currently selling for well under book value. Their is still no other way to transport oil (w/o a pipeline) than tankers. Plus, this stock has always, always paid a dividend. It's a $4.25 stock that is slated to pay $.64 per share this year alone. That's aside from the price - you get that as "free" money every year. The insurance company AFLAC Inc. (AFL) pays a nice dividend as well, and you can DRIP (dividend reinvest) it, too.

    I know, I know, you're married to ZNGA because everyone is the Facebook IPO was so exciting that it *must* work. You know what else is a good buy? CBOE. It's oversold, and it's one of the option exchanges on which those FB shares are trading.


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    • I am sure no one wants to " Marry a Stock " I am 37 years of age and just purchased a stock that is down over 50% since it went IPO on the chart and I am " Margined " .

      Fact is I will now be making payments " In my case " on a extreme loss from purchased at highs and no hope at even breaking even at this point. Even if Zynga was to rocket up to May, 3rd prices where I bought in I still wouldn't even break even.

      I will be making payments every month on a loan to put someone to work at a loss not having a job myself.

      Does this make sense?

      No not really it seems only a place in hell with satan as a boss does this sound fair.


      Im so long women dont care they just want the money and go every night just like all the rest. They take the money off the dresser leave nothing on the table for me and leave me feeling less of myself and a fool for investing in something with no ability to make money.

      No matter how good I am. No matter how smart. Nothing is going to change the fact.

      Zynga doesn't make money online

      Noone pays money for childs games like the stock market or online

      If your think you can pay 5000 employees for my margin payment a month and if your lucky less bullcrap you get from people online a month you should get your head checked.

    • I am long on zynga stock for one reason and one reason alone. I'm am placing a bet on a risk, that's it. There is no magical emotion or feeling involved. I see one company over hyped and valued at 100b and I see 12% of that being made by another.

      I'm placing a bet that FB will be on the mother of all buying sprees trying to put some realization behind their valuation, and one of _many_ areas where they will consolidate is casual gaming.

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