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  • liveup40 liveup40 May 23, 2012 5:48 PM Flag

    Go Pandora

    too may words.....

    I like both P and ZNGA for risk trades based on what I feel is a frenzy of short activity.

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    • live, if you are long, just a suggestion why don't you wait for your "risk" trade until it
      hits more like.....well 8.00 a share? The only way I would enter this stock is if it got lower
      and started a position about 8 to 10 days before earnings.

      Now enter FB, still looming in the shadows....P stock just might not get the run up people
      think into earnings. Oh, and just slipped my mind...."Greece""Spain", shall I go on......

      I have about as much "risk" as I can stand the pharmacy is making a bundle on
      Zanxax! Now there is a trade...HHMMMMM!


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      • Shoot, Kip. why didn't you call that one earlier? ;) PFE stock is up about 5% (after going over 10%) on gains since early March when ZNGA started crashing?

        Next time, could you -please- come up with the genius idea in time to save our assets?!

      • roflmao! Smartest bet I've heard yet! Who makes that darn stuff? lol. If this is the summer from h3ll, that pharmaceutical will surely be one stock defying the odds and handing in great quarterlies.

        Like buying beer stock during a depression! Even has historical precedent, roflmao.

        GREAT idea! :D

      • I know all the noise (news) so does everyone else...... Guess I want to buy when the noise is bad...... and sell when its less bad....

        Is there something going on in Europe you didn't know about 3 months ago? How about when the market when on its great run the beginning of the year, was Europe different than? Not really..... When your economy stinks, incumbent politicians are going to lose their job, any surprise there? Not really

        Shorts are chasing/pushing momentum and I've decided to take the risk of the other side of that momentum. Win some, lose some....

    • Lots of us tried that for the last few months. Didn't work out for us terribly well, though I sincerely hope it works out for you.

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