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  • theshark718 theshark718 Aug 6, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

    Truth about Zynga

    First, you speak of people getting tired of Zynga's games but if you check the MAU numbers it is actually the complete OPPOSITE. While the numbers dipped for a short period, Zynga has now surpassed 300,000,000 MAUs so I do not believe their pipeline is "bone dry". Also, if you do some research you will notice Horn will be releases in August 2013 and by the trailor you can tell that it has the firepower to top all of the charts once it is released. So just imagine the potential once Horn is released, since Zynga has 300 million MAUs before Horn's release.

    Secondly, you would like to throw around "people with a lot more money" will have something to say. Who are they going to bully - Pincus or Zuckerberg? You tell me since you are so intelligent and in the "know". I believe if you check the list of the world's richest people you will find Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus on there. So, "all knowing one", can you please tell me who is going to step up and tell Zynga what they can or cannot do?

    It seems that you can not post facts so you just post nonsense.

    You PEASANT are not living in reality.

    Have a nice day!

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    • Shark..those MAU numbers are bothering me a little. Why would farmville
      suddenly attract so many users. Starting to think the APPdata numbers are
      not right for some reason.

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      • It seems like all of the "Ville" games are moving up and gaining users at a rapid pace. This could signal that Zynga is either cross-promoting the Ville games by awarding money/prizes for logging into other Ville games and performing an action OR this could mean that Zynga is launching these games in new markets with new user bases.
        I would not doubt Appdata's numbers since they agree with Facebook statistics.

        Zynga will gain more momentum in the coming weeks as ChefVille and Horn are released. If you haven't seen Horn yet then go take a look because this game will bring mobile to a whole new level of play. I am hoping that Horn has the same effect for mobile that Halo had for XBox and Super Mario Bros. had for Nintendo. It's great to have another game in the Zynga pipeline to compliment the already popular With Friends series and Ville series.

    • The fact is MAU are up because of their business model. If you actually spent any real time on facebook you would know that the basic model of these games is to get "players" to request junk from their friends who then start playing too. The problem, with this model is that all the friends have gotten sick and tired of send me a blah blah blah for my farm or whatever the hell and facebook makes this easy by giving the user the ability to simply block all requests from that game. What this has led to is a small number of people creating several accounts to send themselves crap back and forth.

      Regarding Horn, I think that will go the same way as EA did with SimCity and several other highly anticipated games like it, down the toilet. The fact is nobody has made a way to come up a viable way to make money off these people, and Zynga is right when they say that there is a hole in the 'real games for gamers market' in particular the RPG games, but they are not the only ones who have noticed this hole and they are certainly one of the last ones to get to the party (see games like battefeild, battle field pirates, the Avengers and so on). Why don't you take a look at those games and see how well they have fared? Or I can save you the trouble and tell you they are bombing, big time.

      Regarding the online gambline if you think that Pinicus and Zuckerberg being some of the richest people in the world has anything to do with it, you are crazy. Even if they could fend off the largest of them, no way they are going to fend off everyone that spents billions of dollars building resort casinos that will now be basically worthless. If online gambling does become legal it will be through the gambling commission which is wholly controlled by the Casinos. I guarantee you they will build in natural entrance barriers to keep geeks like Zuckerberburg and Pienus out of their pie.

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      • You cannot compare other games to Zynga games. Zynga is the brand name that people are playing right now and you can say whatever you want about how they attract their users but the bottom-line is they attract a lot more users than the competition. User traffic means plenty, especially on the internet and mobile, since advertising is such a huge factor. If you need proof of this, look no further than today's article with Universal showing how another big studio is using Zynga to pump up the demand for their products. If this strategy was not working, then why would the big names keep lining up (Zynga isn't partnering with Mike's Movies or Johnny's Shoe Shop - they are partnering with Disney, UMG, Hasbro, Majesco, Facebook - just to name a few). So, your point there, does not hold much weight.

        On to the next point, your online gambling mention. I love how you make the assumption that online poker will shutdown all of the casinos when that assumption makes you the "crazy" one. I believe the Indian Tribes have even jumped on board with online poker legalization as long as they are granted licenses and taxed at a lower rate (do your own DD here but I believe those were the circumstances). If you need to visit a local casino to check out the games that they offer then go ahead and do so because it's pretty clear you don't have a clue. You also insinuate that there will be a "war" between Pincus and the casino giants but there will be no such thing. Zynga will need the casinos just as much as the casinos need Zynga. Zynga will use a casino's name for licenses and such, and in return, Zynga will grant access to their game and HUGE (35 million +) user base.

        So, once again, another one bites the dust. All in my own opinion please do your own DD.

        Any other takers!

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