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  • theshark718 theshark718 Aug 3, 2012 8:34 AM Flag

    Truth about Zynga

    It is really amusing how people waste their times posting nonsense on this board. Do you really believe that you are going to persuade anyone with big money to act on your stupidity?

    For those who are seriously interested in this company, I would like to post something with merit on this board:

    1. Zynga has new partnerships with Hasbro and Majesco. If you haven't heard about the Hasbro partnership it's because the media is trying to keep it low key. When gaming company Rovio produced toys relating to their games, it accounted for about 30% of their revenue. This is a big market for Zynga to get involved in and it will increase revenues for sure. This is not speculation, these are facts.


    2. CBS announced a few months ago that they are picking up the pilot of a Draw Something reality show. This show will allow celebrities to battle each other on television and for the audience to directly interact with the game show. This show will not only increase the popularity of Draw Something but it will also increase royalty and ad revenues for Zynga. So, for all of those people who keep bashing the Draw Something acquisition, open you eyes and see the big picture being drawn. And Ryan Seacrest is on board (not an idol fan but it doesn't take a genius to know that Seacrest is a hit in pop culture).


    3. Real money gaming! This opportunity is huge and it is real. Although not officially legal throughout the US, it is pretty evident that it is not a matter of "if it will happen" but more of "when it will happen". The gov't needs money for all these wars people and where can they get a whole new stream of revenue from - online gambling! Zynga Bingo, Slingo, Slot, and most of all Texas Hold'em are all games that will be hits once all is legalized in the US. But nonetheless, Pincus already stated that Zynga will release real-money games abroad in early 2013, which means we already have a partner on this project. Companies are currently bidding for Zynga and this will be a big hit once the deals are finalized.

    Article #1:

    Article #2:

    4. Don't believe that Zynga games will always be free to play. Once the popularity is sustained and more partners jump on the Zynga platform, you can bet the house that a subscription will be necessary to access all of Zynga's games. On, right now Zynga has over 260,000,000 MAUs so the revenue potential here is also massive.

    Link to Appdata:

    With over $1.5 billion in cash and marketable securities, Zynga has plenty of money to make moves in the industry they are already dominating. In my opinion, these lawsuits are all bs and will not have any impact on the company in the long term, just a bunch of greedy lawyers trying to make a paycheck and propaganda to lower the stock price. Are you surprised by these shady actions? Don't be, welcome to real world!

    I am long on Zynga and all of this is in my own opinion. Do your own research and make your own judgement but this is a long term winner.

    Thanks for the cheap shares boys and girls!

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    • great post, appreciate your effort, but which price do u think Zynga will reach at the end of 2012?

      • 3 Replies to mike_one121
      • I'm thinking it will be somewhere near $5.50 IF the US regulation regarding real money gaming has not approved yet.
        In the beginning of 2013, we will hear a lot about the International real money gaming that Zynga plans to enter, that will help rally the stock up to $8 if the earnings of the other game sectors also beat the expectation.

        Most interestingly is the earnings after the international real money gaming starts. That can be HUGE :-).

        Patience needed for the long.
        As for the shorts, they can stay around this August until more news develop. Still have time for them to escape. No one will be hurt unless you use margin.

      • Thanks guys, it is good to see that some people are actually interested in investing and not just posting nonsense.

        In response to Mike:

        If I knew the answer to that question then I would definitely not be sitting at work right now.

      • this depends really. the current PPS means that no future growth is priced into the stock. investors believe that zynga CAN make money in the future, but have no confidence in the stock itself and believe their money is not safe here. i think far too many people are waiting for online gambling and have lost focus that they are the # web/mobile game maker in the world aside from real money gambling.

        don't know if it will happen this year, but assuming zynga can survive these lawsuits, then you will hear stories of shorts who have gone bankrupt from the turn around. this is one of those stocks i believe, that if it goes up, will jump so quickly, that most shorts will not have time to get out.. and before they know it, will have lost their life savings and accumulated so much debt that they will lose their house/families.. sad but unfortunate

    • My take on the EA lawsuit:

      EA's lawsuit does not hold any weight in my opinion. I played The Ville and Sims Social for the sole purpose of seeing if The Ville was a rip-off and in my honest opinion, it is not. The Ville is a much easier game to play and although the screen layout is similar, the game play and functions are not. If EA is arguing that the layout is similar then what's next? Once a developer creates a Football games on Facebook that no other developer can create a Football game on Facebook? I mean they will both be on a green field and the yard markers will all be the same. Heck, they will even have the same teams and goals! EA nice try here but the truth is Zynga is the bully now and you are that washed up old guy that is still hanging out in the schoolyard with the young kids even though he is in his 50s-60s. Face it EA, your run on top is fading rapidly and you are trying just about anything to keep the ship afloat.

      Looks like an act of desperation to me now that The Ville's numbers are taking an absolute dump on The Sims Social. If you are the "leader" in the industry and your game is the best then the players would be playing it instead of The Ville and that's the bottom-line. In the end, just some fresh meat in Zinga's bowl!

      Once again, all in my own personal opinion. Have a great day everyone!

    • sounds good

    • you forgot 1 thing. People get tired of their games and all games in general. Their pipline is bone dry and people are quickly growing bored with their current set of games. Regarding the online gambling, I think that some people with a lot more money that Zynga might have a few things to say about how that goes down like say every freaking casino in Las Vegas and Atlantic City that stand to lose a lot of money if people can just sit at home and play. Remember Jack Abrmohoff? That was all about the corruption in gambling and using the government to knock off one or two competitors. You think that these Wynn enterprises is just going to say, well it was good while it lasted but Zynga has the most popular texas hold em game on facebook so why even try. You sir are not living in reality.

      • 1 Reply to zorrothefox73
      • First, you speak of people getting tired of Zynga's games but if you check the MAU numbers it is actually the complete OPPOSITE. While the numbers dipped for a short period, Zynga has now surpassed 300,000,000 MAUs so I do not believe their pipeline is "bone dry". Also, if you do some research you will notice Horn will be releases in August 2013 and by the trailor you can tell that it has the firepower to top all of the charts once it is released. So just imagine the potential once Horn is released, since Zynga has 300 million MAUs before Horn's release.

        Secondly, you would like to throw around "people with a lot more money" will have something to say. Who are they going to bully - Pincus or Zuckerberg? You tell me since you are so intelligent and in the "know". I believe if you check the list of the world's richest people you will find Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus on there. So, "all knowing one", can you please tell me who is going to step up and tell Zynga what they can or cannot do?

        It seems that you can not post facts so you just post nonsense.

        You PEASANT are not living in reality.

        Have a nice day!

    • where is warmninja to tell us all how this is spam/malware and to not click?

      • 1 Reply to rgutierrezla
      • From my past experiences on this board, he should be here pretty soon.

        I am not trying to pump this stock in any way, shape or form. I just wanted to put some truth out there to see if anyone can counter with a reasonable argument not something like "Cramer just put Pincus on the wall of shame" or "Pincus is going to jail". Wake up sheeple, guys like Pincus don't go to jail. Google his name and see the people he associates with, these are the big timers in this country not Joe Shmo or WarmTardboy.

        Open to all reasonable rebuttals.

    • If you are long Zynga you have lost your you know what.
      This is FACT.

      Are you guys that much in denial?

      I think Longs are shell shocked at where they are now.
      So much lost they are terrified to Sell... so they hold, and we go lower and lower.
      Then they post how Zynga is going to go up. LOL guys.

      Give up.

    • theshark's pumping history is extensive and well documented. Hilarious that you desperate bagholding clowns on this board still don't take the 5 seconds it takes to check into that.

      2. Won&&39;t Be Low for Long
      Lately I have noticed larger and larger buys for this stock so it triggered my interest more and more. The temporary hike yesterday seemed to be from a large purchase order...
      Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks F > Fibrocell Science, Inc. (FCSC.OB) theshark718 28-Feb-12 06:49 am

      5. Re: Is this really this easy?
      I'm not sure your facts are right buddy. Maybe you need to go get educated yourself. This article sure seems pretty convincing that BWEN is holding their own...
      Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks B > Broadwind Energy, Inc. theshark718 26-Feb-12 01:08 pm

      Is this really this easy?
      The financials alone prove that the market cap is way below the value of this company. Add another $23 million deal with a new "big" customer and this stock is easily over $1 if not $2. Not sure if I will...
      Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks B > Broadwind Energy, Inc. theshark718 24-Feb-12 05:39 pm

      • 1 Reply to aapljack
      • Such a clown, appljacks. Instead of trying to rebuttal facts, he attempts to damage the post by pulling up prior posts on other stocks. Have I been right in the past? Yes. Have I been wrong? Yes. Like I stated before, if I knew which direction the market was going at all times, I would not be sitting at work right now.

        If you had some facts to argue against my posts then go ahead and post them (no one is stopping you).

        If not, then go get a real job buddy.

    • To update, the MAUs have increased 30,000,000 since I wrote this post last week. Zynga is now over 290,000,000 MAUs and seems to be rising fast. Also, I noticed interest in CityVille and FarmVille are starting to rise again. I am guessing Zynga is running cross-game promotions using The Ville as a catalyst to get players to jump back on the other Ville games again.

      You can try to bury the truth but it just keeps on rising to the top!

      Link for stats:

      Enjoy! I know aapl and warm should be posting soon to try to hide this again.


    • Bump.

      Also - Shark ... you may want to add the 7 Hasbro/ZNGA games that are being released for Christmas. Another revenue stream... maybe small... but they add up and show that Mark is thinking out of the box.

      I wouldn't want to be a short who is one press release away from being sunk on this one. Bring it on Pincus... what is next an official collaboration or alliance with FB to keep games on front page?

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