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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Aug 14, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Looks Like Spamers Hi-Jacked The Zynga Board....

    I do have another offer from China, but the pay is Yuan, and it would represent a significant pay cut. There is a bonus for paragraph development. I am mainly considering the potential for office romances. You might call it a fringe benefit. Those Chinese girls can be like wild panthers when they let their hair down. I will let you know if I vacate my current position. I'm ready for some adventure.

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    • oddonnel, catrak
      This has all been fun today, but wouldn't it be GREAT if we were also riffing about Pinko being locked up with the "Modoff-like " treatment by the SEC ? You know it could happen of Bing Gordon and Kleiner, Perkins turn on him:)

      • 2 Replies to omegapro_2000
      • Don't worry about Pincus. He is under a great amount of stress, those millions of bukarooskies notwithstanding. I heard shareholders were picketing out front of the company headquarters on Townsend Street today. There was a communial chant of, "We want Pinky!" After the criminal trial, where he will be convicted of fraud, he will receive a sufficient sentence. Justice is always served in America; we don't let the wealthy get off scott free. His future cell mate will be an ex-con from Oakland, a big burly man by the name of Bubba. Pinky will squeal like a pig. Someone will be playing banjo in the background. The whole scenario will make Castro Street look relatively tame. This all entails Karma Yoga, which no one escapes.

      • Let's see how fast the MM'S can chew thru 150,000,000 shares............


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