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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Aug 25, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

    Test Your Knowledge of ZNGA

    1. When did the scam secondary offering occur?
    2. At what price did Pinus exit and how many shares?
    3. Why didn't Pinus sell more shares at $12? This is a trick question.
    4. Is tribal membership helpful if you want to be an insider? Which tribe?
    5. How many lawsuits does ZNGA currently face? This would include shareholders and competitors.
    6. Will the SEC file additional charges when they are done viewing Jenna Jameson?
    7. Explain the claw back of ZNGA stock from early employees.
    8. Pinus says he wants to "connect the world." What does he mean?
    9. What is the IQ of the average ZNGA player?
    10. How many grandmothers, the target audience, are thought to play ZNGA games?
    11. Why do ZNGA games have minimal or no instructions?
    12. Define this word: "ennui"
    13. Explain Pinus' Russian bimbo episode.
    14. How many massage therapists are on the ZNGA payroll? Explain the nature of their services.
    15. What was on last Friday's menu at ZNGA's in house gourmet cafeteria?
    16. Does Pinus ride a bicycle or skateboard to work?
    17. Which executives have departed from ZNGA in the last month?
    18. How would you rate Mr. Pinus as an orator? What are his intellectual qualities precisely?
    19. Who owns the majority of the voting shares?
    20. Above all other things, what does Mr. Pinus worship most?

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