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  • omegapro_2000 omegapro_2000 Oct 8, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    Mark Pinus Converts to Catholicism--Stock Rallies from All Time Low

    May the lord bless you and keep you, Mr Pinus.
    As an $11 bagjholder , I am now going to support this converted soul - GO Zynga!!!

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    • There's something I like about you Omegapro, and I know what it is. Unlike most of the longs, you readily admit an error in judgement on the bull dog. That indicates you have pride and ego under control. I honestly say I am sorry you took a bath on this one because you seem a genuine human being. Not to worry. I have made huge miscalculations myself in the past, and everything I know presently came the hard way. The definition of insanity is when you do the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. I learn from my mistakes, and you will also.
      I believe you are out of San Francisco. Perhaps we can get together sometime. We could pedal bicycles up to Mr. Pinus' mansion and see if he would invite us in for coffee. Bicycles are a central theme of my life, and I have pedaled all over the world, but I am not one of those Critical Mass fools. We can meet at my favorite dive bar--The 21 Club at Turk and Taylor. That might not be the wisest venue, as I really have to avoid the Charles Burkowski lifestyle; I am attempting a stand against John Barleycorn. After our discussion with Mark Pinus, we could pay a visit to the Asian "health spa" on Larkin Street. Don't worry, I'll cover for their services. Those girls work wonders on a man's soul. They do need English lessons, so that might be a side job for you. The barter system can be utilized. We could have a full day of adventure.

      I wish you all things good. Farcebook remains a great short for the patient. There will be all kinds of bounces, so you just ride it out. The primary trend is down to $10- or less. I also like physical silver to $50-60. Again, this is a trade for the patient.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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