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  • donnapinkwater donnapinkwater Oct 10, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    ZYNGA got a downgrade rating from Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson

    It was downgraded to Neutral and is now dropping almost 5%.
    I think its inconceivable that a guy named Michael (which none of us heard of) can make a billion dollar company crash 5%.
    I think its important to see the guys statistics/success ratio and performance before someone decides to buy or sell..
    Michael will dissapear tomorrow. but what about your losses?

    I really recommend registering to TipRanks alpha product (Its still free) and get all the track record of the this analyst and only then decide if you are going to listen to him or not...

    I am out on this stock, but its the way people make decisions based on someone elses opinion (when clearly this Michael can be biased).

    start using TipRanks financial accountability engine. heard its cool and i am waiting for an invitation.

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    • So this boob from Piper had it at buy? No wonder Piper is losing money. They have complete idiots for staff. The POS Pincus has put Bernie Madoff to shame and the #$%$ at Piper were telling you to buy the turd. Incredible.

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      • It is now becoming more likely that Pinus will get clawed back on his $200M. I do know via a reliable rumor mill that Mary Shapiro & her team are coming after the little beedy-eyed freakish feller!
        I just hope Kleiner Perkins puts pressure on Pinus too! But in reality, I fear that he has a personal relationship with Bing Gordon - which could spell jail time for Pinus and tarnish Bing who is a great guy (I hear) !

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