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  • cabinetadvisorysvcs cabinetadvisorysvcs Nov 8, 2012 2:55 AM Flag

    The "Ne-er-Do-Well-Offspring-Of-Clubby-Alumni" - Part 2

    DeBartolo, a shopping mall developer based in Youngstown, OH (read "mafia"), thought his precious snotbag offspring was so very, very special, he (((gave))) him the San Francisco 49's as a birthday present on his 18th birthday! The SOBs are without self-awareness OR shame!

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    • That the elder DeBartolo had mafia connections was pretty much common knowledge in San Francisco in the 1980's. No one cared. We had Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, and a string of championships. It's all about rings baby.
      If you stretch the definition of mafia a bit, how does it apply to Mark Pinus? There are some rather striking similarities.
      What happened if you were behind on the rent as a tenant at one of Bartolo's shopping centers? Goon squad? Mark has one also, and the shareholders pay $1.4 million annually for it.

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      • faulty imagery. "The Family" is all about regular business - and they keep it "All In The Family."!! Yup, was in SF at that time, we all cheered the rings. Pincus is "family" to 400 year old investment houses...different "mob." If you did some research you would have found that Warburg (nee Hapsburgs) financed Napoleon and Hitler. After WWII, Warburg set up shop in NYC and someone in that family married a Pincus, hence was born the Warburg-Pincus Investment House (now separated). Death and destruction?? Its just (((business)))). TV-based historical fiction is waaay over the edge.

        My point? It helps to know what you up against!!!!

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    • Haven't heard much about DeBartolo the younger, but I'm sure he's making life miserable for some poor schmucks and rolling in his unearned cash. Probably but a bunch of appartment buildings and RAISED THE RENT!

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