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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Nov 9, 2012 9:31 AM Flag

    ZNGA will now speculate in the price of its own sorry stock.

    In an effort to post some kind of earnings, Mr. Pinus has promised to pick up a few shares of the flea infested bull dog, with the key words being, "up to $200 million." Keep in mind, he is playing with your money, and not his own. $2- is the key technical and psychological price level. ZNGA cannot be allowed to breach this point, or the authorities at the NASDAQ might become upset. Strangely, sometimes stocks take on a life of their own, despite the "best intentions" of management.

    At least with Enron, a few went to prison. Most rob, steal, and rape with absolute impunity.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • hate this msg board; looked for your post to my ancestry question (was on notifications but not guided to my orig. post). Anyway. Quite a history, there. Irish/English, exclusively. My brother, 8 years younger, died Sept. 2010 from mixture of alcohol and pain pills. Get a grip on it or it will swing you into the grave. I respectfully suggest you head to Taos, NM, buy tax sale land near Tres Piedras, and spend the summer DOING HARD WORK. Your brain has too much free time.

      If I read you correctly, you have held this thing since $14??? That's not "short" - "short" is when you sell what you don't own and buy it back within - eg, 10 days - because you THOUGHT it would go down. So you are some major bag holder of this nightmare.

      Yup...that just might cause ME to start sipping the poison. The herb is way, way, way less damaging - but like EVERYTHING you (((((must))))) use personal discpline, self restraint, (((you))) MUST be the one in charge. Get a grip.

      In re this stock that's doing a very good imitation of a mortally wounded dog, your only choce is to average down BIG TIME. Buy so much at this price that if it moves to $3.50 you will break even.

      Good luck.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to jackmcclain171
      • Jack, I have never been long on this crap. I just recall Mr. Pinus addressing an audience (in the prerequisite Tshirt) when the stock was flying high at $14.19, and there was all the Farcebook innuendo in the wind. When he said he would "connect the world" with these silly games, these drugs of conformity, I nearly gagged on a full shot of Jameson whiskey. It was at that point I knew it was time to go negative, and I have remained negative ever since, despite the healthy manipulative bounces. I thought to myself, "Who is this buffoon, this boy CEO? He seems a bit green, or at least his sole motive is to quickly accumulate green by any means." It has unfolded thus.
        I have a welding and mechanical background, along with language--English and others. I generally have dirt under my finger nails, so I know much about physical work. I also once worked a farm in North Dakota for my uncle. My real love is bicycles. I have just completed a motorized prototype--200 mpg--and I would love to manufacture the whole thing here, but China beckons, obviously because of cheap (some would say "slave") labor. I spent two years in Asia, so it is familiar ground. I am generally attracted to all things Asian, particularly the women.

        Yes, I have excessive idle time on my hands at the moment, hence the ZNGA board attraction. I have the aged one down the hall I tend to. It is my own father, and he has terminal cancer. I knocked heads with him all my life; I was removed from this house more than once in hand cuffs, which was easily accomplished since my brother runs the DNA lab for the police department and carries a badge. I just can't let him rot in a convalescent home, even though our relationship was strained since time immemorial. I dedicate my efforts to some vague entity, since gratitude is not in the family dictionary. Dad was a former high flying executive with Merrill Lynch (they sucked much taxpayer money, and he doesn't enjoy to hear that truth), who started out in New York where I was born.

        I know much about stopping with the drink--even periods of years--but I never stayed stopped. I really have to stop smoking cigarettes and booze together, as they go hand in hand. That's a pretty tall order, definitely not for the meek, but it is indeed feasible. I have not thrown in the towel, except for the scam stock ZNGA. I'll cover in 2013.

        Once Dad is gone, I am a free man in Paris, other than that one ball and chain previously mentioned. A difficult one: Business in Asia, especially in Japan, is often conducted over drink.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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