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  • agift2u agift2u Dec 3, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    FACTS. Revs will ramp fast and expenses will drop like a rock.

    Zynga's biggest advantage and obstacle was "The Agreement". It helped launch Z like no other platform could.

    Rev Share: no other game maker was forced to share rev's now Z keeps the lion's share.

    Exclusivity: no other game maker was forced to create/publish games exclusively for FB, now ZNGA can publish for anyone and there are plenty of those to go around - just look at Publishers Clearing-House and how they use web games to drive ad revs or state lotteries promoting scratch-off games or Network television looking for new rev streams.

    Distribution: no other game maker was prohibited from delivering games outside of FB. Z now has this capability well beyond its competitors -including Amazon. Think about this...Market expansion in... mobile via direct to telecoms deals with VZ-ATT etc with rev share on increased data usage or through TV Networks/Cable/Satellite distribution.... comcast/dish/iTV ~~ gaming entertainment channels. Watch gaming consoles die out and fall to smartphones/Ipad mini's that control set top boxes soon..

    Ad Rev's: when no other game maker was forced to publish FB Ad's... Now Z can offer Ad's direct to marketing firms and to larger markets- mobile.

    User Data Share: FB id requirement gone and sharing user data will be a two-way street.

    Real Money Gaming: The New Agreement specifically names Ireland properties which is the HUB for launching RMG Europe. By the way - Bwinparty in line for Nevada gaming license and will bring Zyng'a users to the tables in conjunction with MGM casino's properties.. watch & learn.

    As for Staff departures - The CFO was brought in to handle the IPO. That's done and he's no longer needed. The Chief Rev Officer and Treasurer have no clue about real Money Gaming - so they're out - no surprise at all. The rest were gifted a few weeks severance and let go for performance.

    The facts:
    Revs to ramp fast and expenses will drop like a rock.

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