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  • ochee_ ochee_ Dec 6, 2012 12:13 AM Flag

    Short cover rally Thursday

    So Zynga does and stand up job of hiding the true exchange rates of the currencies in-game. I only found two legitimate values and they were between $.07 and $.10 per 'coin' - both different games. What share of each 'coin' used to go directly to FB?

    Yes, competition among FB games will inherently increase dramatically.

    What happens if and when Zynga's currency comes closer to 1:2 or 1:5?

    What happens if it's 1:1 with incentives for certain users for legitimate gambling games?

    This is why I say I'm gambling on gambling. Does anyone not remember 2006 and the #$%$ that was #$%$ by the gubmint over online gambling? They couldn't find a way to make money off of it quickly enough so they shut it down. Now, they're #$%$ting themselves because we're in a black hole of nastiness.

    Legalize and tax weed. Legalize and tax gambling. #$%$ the 'rich' too.

    Gambling on gambling. Meh. You call it.

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    • As I and several others have reiterated time and again - online gambling has been around for many years in many jurisdictions around the world. There are many, many incumbents already in this field.

      If you've ever played Zynga games for any length of time, you would know darn well that they cannot program their way out of a wet paper bag.

      Convince us skeptics why you think that somehow miraculously is there not only going to be widespread online gambling in the US, but that Zynga is somehow going to be able to get this huge chunk of the market away from incumbents with already stable platforms?

      They'd be better off starting up marijuana farms.

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      • You r back, did u figure out how much FarmVille earns in a day. U look like an authority in gaming, I am still waiting answers to my questions. Please

      • Do those incumbents better bwin in the US or UK?

        Programming? They haven't been able to do that since day 1 so I don't see it as an issue because bwin already has the framework. Also, who in the legitimate competition offers as quick a turnaround of games, updates and new revenue streams?

        Yes, the new games are copies of copies of copies. This country is too stupid *currently* to come out of the closet and realize it's #$%$. They'll keep on keepin' on until this Administration stops putting money into their pockets.

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