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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Dec 7, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

    ZNGA-- Amazing Cup and Saucer Patterns

    The cup, with broken ear, runneth over with huge losses for 95% of all ZNGA longs. The saucer was long ago smashed against the wall in a fit of rage, as the stock made the death plunge from $15- to $2-. I am a serious student of charts, and I have detected a Fibonacci tidal wave for some time now, indicating Mr. Pinus is prepared to relocate to the island of Capri with most of his $200 million raped from the bull dog secure in a secret Swiss bank account. The double candlesticks, lit at both ends, have just crossed at axis B, demonstrating that the tribe is prepared to push this rubbish higher. This is all confirmed by the Bollinger rubber bands which have been stretched to the limit. It appears the flea infested bull dog is prepared to move above the $3- level.

    There is one caveat, and it does trouble me. I am in regular contact with the famed stock theoretician, Nikolai Kondratiev. He makes considerable sense to me when I can get beyond his heavy Russian accent and Nick (as I address him) is off the vodka, which is increasingly rare. Even though he was mildly intoxicated in our last conversation with a Ukrainian blond in his lap, Kondratiev affirmed that we are in the final wave of his supercycle theory. Between swigs on the bottle and some fondling of Olga, Nick firmly stated this market is in big trouble in 2013. I asked specifically his opinion on ZNGA. His reply, "Mike, I still remember the Great Famine in Russia. What possible use will people have for silly games when the ax falls? Don't buy into the gambling hype either. Go long potatoes and Stolichnaya." Since those Russians are good chess players also, I'm going to follow Nick's advice.

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    • odonnell, interesting stuff, including the tbt call..

      what are your thoughts on research in motion (rimm) ?

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      • What can I say about technology with any degree of expertise? I still do important writing on a 1956 Smith Corona Silent manual typewriter. I sell vintage Volvo parts all over the world on Ebay (I am also a mechanic/welder, now running a "convalescent home" for some character from Merrill Lynch--my estranged father), and it is a major stretch just to do the postings, as I am of the Kodak generation. I took me 10 minutes to erase photos this morning. I'm hopeless, or is it just a high degree of disinterest, and I must push myself to learn the mere essentials. Who uses a Blackberry anymore? It's foreign territory for me. I have no valid opinion on rim.
        I probably couldn't figure out a ZNGA game either, though I love Backgammon. What initially attracted me to short ZNGA was hearing a spiel from boy wonder, Mr. Pinus. In his cute t-shirt, he struck me as pretty slick, but under that veneer, he is a true buffoon. He is highly symbolic of unbridled greed. The means will justify the ends, and they certainly have. When I heard him say,"ZNGA will connect the world" and that these games are "central to any culture," I almost barfed. I thought to myself, "This guy is a shameless self-promoter, in thick with the tribal brotherhood, and he has zero integrity, and even less intellectual aptitude, Harvard paperwork notwithstanding." Short this crap, even with all the coming Farcebook hoopla. A smart investor must now focus on companies with real products, real earnings, and real customers who do more than play silly games for free. The only hope is for ZNGA to enter the red light district--gambling--and I suspect this will never pan out.

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    • 40 million day as predicted.

    • well, how much money did you lose on ZNGA?

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      • Patiently short since $14.19. The record of my posts will verify that truth. I didn't make the big money, but five of them did. There is indeed some semblance of a short syndicate, but I recommend only, and they bet with their own money. I also issued a major buy on silver--physical only--at $27-. Target in 2013--$45--$50-. My personal profits are quite modest, as much of my working capital evaporated in the divorce--son involved there also. I wouldn't even consider to cover on this garbage until March of 2013 at the earliest. I also made a very bad call on TBT, and it is a high risk play. A short of the treasury bond will still work out, but timing is everything in life. You just have to be more correct than wrong. No one can call everything perfectly. This stock is doomed, and all the hype surrounding online gambling will be revealed for what it is in 2013--just hot air between the legs.

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    • Graph indickate a phallas persistant furmation pv pump diwreckton. Bung-dung-ho-kai!!

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