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  • nrocme nrocme Dec 9, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    Send in the ZNGA Clowns--up and over $3??

    i don't get you. You claim to be a savvy investor, but yet you spend endless hours ranting about Zynga and jewish people in general. You made a good trade on this. cover and take the profits. Sadly, you will probably trade a big portion of your equity to continue your tirades not against Mr. Pincus, but a people in general. Your hatred will be your undoing in the end.

    Sentiment: Buy

    • Mr.Odonnell does not seem to be a hateful person ... I have noticed that he is just an astute investor who has somehow accurately exposed Mr. Pinus for being a despicable character who is reviled by his employees and disrespected by all of the industry. I happen to live in SF and have 1st hand knowledge of the gin joints Mr. Odonnell visits and can confirm his spot on observations and declarations about zyng & Mr. PInus, who just happens to be jew:)

    • I adore Rabbi Weiss, but unfortunately he is way off the radar. I say the clowns run this rubbish stock higher. I won't question tribal integrity as it pertains to stock trading in ZNGA. How could there possibly be anything wrong with the likes of Stevie Cohen? Even the porn boys at the SEC are starting to wonder about him, and they are absolutely the gang which can't shoot straight. Keep in mind, a promotion at the SEC is considered moving into the compliance department at Goldman Sachs. Is there something I'm missing in this picture?
      By the way, the lyricist of this wonderful tune, Stephen Sondheim, is Jewish I believe, so don't accuse me of painting with a wide brush. Tread carefully when you enter the casino known as Wall Street. It is by no means a level playing field.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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