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  • realitychekkk realitychekkk Dec 9, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    Send in the ZNGA Clowns--up and over $3??

    I think it's time for you to see a therapist. You seriously harbor some kind of inferiority complex when it comes to jews. Why so fearful? You single jews as the perpetrators of wrong deeds at a rate of 10: well zero, while completely ignoring the misdeeds of the remaining vast majority all around us. Are you so delusional that you can't see that vast majority of charlitans in the stock market and in business today have no ties to Judaism whatsover? Do you want to talk about religious conspiracies, scams and collusion? Look no further than the Mega Business known as the Catholic and Mormon Churches. How bout the Muslims with their Sharia Law favoring Muslims over non Muslims, financing terror throughout the world, while having the money to finance a permanant homeland for the Palestinians, but instead, prefer to keep them in "settlement camps" for half a century so they can be used as political pawns.

    Moving on, how about our Swiss brothers who were recently recognized as having the best quality of life than any country on earth, but at what cost? They've harbored and hidden the working capital of the vilest of human #$%$ for over a century now, including mass muderers on a horrific scale, the Nazis (lowes ebb in all of human experience), child torturers, international terrorists and henchmen, false and sadistic scientists who experiment on humans,War Profiteers, the Swiss list of clients goes on and on, yet because of the wonderful Swiss, we have wonderful pocket knives and overpriced watches, while human suffering goes unabated around the world goes unabated, as the people who cause it are provided safe haven and the shield of anonymity for their greedy, illicit deeds - by the Swiss. Tax evasion is only the beginning. Nope, it's not JUST the jews who you need to be afraid of. Perhaps you are right to be afraid of the markets, but to single out Jews only singles YOU out as the biggest fool of all. Dig a little deeper and you will find the REAL truth.Carry on ...chump.

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    • You make many good and valid points, and I can only say I am a former Catholic, Jesuit educated, and find much despicable about that group's behavior, particularly how they buried their little boy problems for decades. I also have zero tolerance for the Christian right also and their alliance with the Likud party. Theirs is a perversion of scripture. I do have much empathy for the Palestinians. I look no further than the kill ratio in the most recent skirmish--about 170 to 3. The AIPAC folks are a convenient, but worthy target. Money is power, and they have plenty of it, along with control of Hollywood and major media outlets.

      Let's revisit this subject when we get tangled up with Iran, which will happen next year. It will all be instigated by Tel Aviv in conjunction with AIPAC and the Christian right. Israel will start the bombing campaign and we will be left to clean up the mess with our boys and girls, and of course, our money.

      At this point I pretty much reject all organized religions. The thing is, Zionism is not a religion. It is a political movement whose roots are found in property, money, and confiscation. I think Rabbi Weiss would agree with that statement. Try reading him.

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      • People like you are strange and in some ways cruel in your ignorance of the millions of innocent Muslims (mainly children) who have been killed by other Muslims. You rant and hate on the Jews, who have killed fewer Muslims in their entire existence, and only in response to armed provocations (albeit one sided in strength) than got killed in a single year of fighting inside Syria. Similar numbers have died in Muslim on Muslim and Muslim on Christian violence last year (yes, we provide Egypt the same amount as Israel in financial aid under the Camp David accord), Of course then we're on to the Monstrocities perpetrated during the IRAN/ IRAQ war, all Muslim on Muslim. Oh, and before I forget, what about the attrocities commited against non Muslims in Ethiopia, Yemen and the Sudan?There are far more of them dying as I type than in all of the occupied territories x 100, Yet you folks don't show up on the message boards to protest that horrific inhumanity any more than you do about the carnage in Syria. Your indifference to these poor souls clearly identifies and confirms that you are nothing more than Jew haters. I have great sympathy for the Palestinian and Jewish People living in the middle east. When accounting for the land of Palestinia; Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, there is plenty of room for Jews and Muslims alike. It's too bad that like their European bretheren, the Palestinians won't tolerate living with Jews, leaving the Jews little choice but to fight for their right to exis and practice their faitht. Period. Pick a side Odonell, and be honest, so far, you're no arbitor of fairness here.

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