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    N.J. Senate overwhelmingly OKs online casino gambling bill
    Thursday, December 20, 2012 Last updated: Thursday December 20, 2012, 4:39 PM
    The Record
    Print | E-mail The state Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would let New Jersey residents to play online versions of casino games anywhere in the state. The 33-3 vote gives Governor Christie 45 days to decide whether he wants to veto the proposal, as he did nearly two years ago.

    The vote followed a 48-25 Assembly vote on Monday in favor of online gambling, which supporters say already occurs illegally. New Jersey is in a race with several states, including California and Nevada, to be the first to offer such gambling. A Congressional bill that would have made online poker legal at the federal level while banning all other online versions of casino games has languished in the lame-duck session, leaving the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Harry Reid, the majority leader, to question whether the federal government would take any action in 2013.

    Christie last year objected to a provision in the New Jersey bill that would have permitted the state Racing Commission to approve up to $30 million in horse racing purse subsidies, while also expressing concern that so-called “Internet cafés” might pop up all over the state with café owners advertising to attract customers. The purse subsidy clause has been removed, and the bill’s sponsors say that new language prohibiting advertising would render the internet café issue moot.

    But Christie last year also called it a “legal fiction” to say that the bill does not run afoul of a state law that permits gambling only in Atlantic City, with exceptions for horse racing and the lottery. Bill supporters are counting on a legal opinion by a constitutional scholar that the bill passes muster as long as the electronic servers that complete the betting process are located in Atlantic City.

    A spokesman for Christie has declined to comment on whether the revisions in the bill would change the governor’s mind about the bill.

    The Casino Association of New Jersey now supports Internet wagering if it is “implemented in a lawful, appropriate, thoughtful and prudent fashion,” said the association’s president, Tony Rodio.

    “We believe that the pending legislation goes a long way towards fulfilling those objectives,” Rodio said.

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    • Good News for ZNGA. In after hours, the stock turned up after the news. Maybe it propels it higher tomorrow...

    • Eye hav herd duh spression "Breaking Wind," refering two a flatuant. Iz dat wat yous imply buy uzing dat word "Breaking," inn contex herein stated?

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      • 1 Reply to blieviam
      • This stock WILL SOAR one way or another. Being the most embarrissing stock and 2nd most embarrissing IPO of 2012 there are MANY senarios yet to play out:

        1) Potential sale or merger to any of the major palyers that are looking for game or gamblin apps and millions of users.

        2) Pincus takes company private which would be for NO LESS THAN half the IPO price to aviod SEC and other issues.

        3) Pincus doesn't do 1 or 2 by mid to early 2013 he will be pressurred to hire a true CEO to manage the day to day while he focuses on visionary stuff.

        4) ZNGA will continue to increase buyback of shares or offer a special dividend in 2013 if stock remains this low which won't be an issue with the cash flow increasing and the stock pile of cash on hand.

        5) GAMBLING will begin in the UK and will add value to the bottom line. Even if they receive only a fraction of the royalties it will make $$$$$$ ****USA GAMBLING would increase this 10 fold.

        6) MOBILE games and apps will continue to explode in 2013 and will add additional revenue to the bottom line along with all the mid core games being sold and currently under development

        7) ***NO MORE BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK which allows ZNGA to strike deals with ANY and ALL throughout the world as they please.

        ****I am an EXTREMELY HAPPY shareholder at 2 and a half bucks and will continue to ACCUMULATE like the BIG DOGS until THIS DOG HAS IT DAY!!

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    • Huge positive for companies like ZNGA, just thinking how legalized marijuana did to MDBX(went for $2 to $200 in 2 weeks)

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