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  • investorpro30 investorpro30 Jan 6, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Zynga will hit $2.70"s premarket and will hit the $3.00 mark! After that will report good news on future of company then boom $4 to $5. They have the cash to support their own stock financials will buy more!


    Zynga brings in over a billion a year! Plenty of operation cash, over billion banked! Plenty of users on hand, plenty of games. The biggest issue was over staffed, and some games that was not effective! And what are they doing? here! Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) takes its cost-cutting further by shutting down 11 games and focus its resources instead on creating new games and improve already successful titles. Games such as PetVille, Mafia Wars 2, Fishville and Indiana Jones Adventure World figure in the list of 11 games getting the axe. The step comes in the wake of the cost reduction plan that CEO Mark Pincus proposed in November. And not to mention getting rid of some staff! Now Walmart done it, target, all business done it! hell Warren Buffet done it with Berksire Hathway! Now look at him, and ya guy Mitt Romney! Zynga will explode to an easy $5 bucks at least maybe even more this year if they pass the online gambling! Compare Zynga number to Lnkd!

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    • $2.7 at premarket, you already right!

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    • You forgot to mention real money gaming. Can you imagine what the Mafia Wars and Farmerville crowd are going to do when they can chat with their friends over a friendly game of blackjack? slots? or craps? The beauty of virtual money gaming is that the dealers, croupiers and pitbosses are also virtual and THEY WORK FOR FREE. Also of not so insignificant importance is that you can choose your own denomination to gamble with. If you're just in it for shyyts and giggles then the penny slots are for you! Have you ever played on a .25c craps table? I have - the best time of my life - I played all night long before going broke! (I lost 20.00!!!!). Yet even if Zynga chooses to take no Vigorish whatsoever, the advertising dollars are going to add up to the hundreds of millions in revenue - it doesn't matter if they're penny players or 100.00 bill guys if they're chatting with their friends, that data can be mined for targeted advertising as well.
      There are a TON of excuses to hang on to this stock right now. $16.80 is my first point of inflection.

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    • Cost cutting is a pretty easy job. Revenue is already there. Any cost savings go to bottom line.
      Plus the book value at $2.38, this stock can go only up

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