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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Jan 6, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Because of the massive move in ZNGA, I must now apply for a low income ticket to Burning Man.

    My short position is really curtailing the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. Burning Man is a must on my social calendar--all the hipsters, loose women, STD's, drugs, endless boozing, and art. I can't miss this year's jamboree. I think I might now qualify for the $180- low income ticket. After counting my ZNGA losses, there's no way I can come up with the normal admission of $380-. I know there is some hypocrisy in attending the desert orgy; I don't even want to contemplate my carbon footprint. I also do have that bumper sticker on my bicycle which reads, "Act globally, drink locally." How do I resolve this conflict? By the way, there's no way I share China Girl at this year's event.

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    • Is poverty defined as (a) the inability to share or (b) the unwillingness to share? Does China Girl get a vote or are you in your Great Dictator outfit today?

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      • I do like that name, John Thomas Hunter. It somehow rings true to the ear, as if perhaps this is an author of an up and coming modern version of "Crime and Punishment." Did you know the theme of sharing and Christianity runs very thick in Dostoevsky's masterpiece? Of course, guilt and damnation as well.
        I do observe carefully what one's relationship with money is whenever I make a new acquaintance. I have run with the fantastically wealthy and those of quite modest circumstances, and I generally prefer the latter. The propensity to be truly generous is much more common among those of a lower economic station. The wealthy want a fat tax deduction, public recognition, and a brass plaque posted on some edifice--all completely phony. I do notice this in my direct family, as if there is some admission ticket available for heaven. The highest form of giving (sharing) is to do so completely anonymously with no IRS forms, and it happens rarely. I also do not romanticize poverty and the underclass, as dire economic conditions breed pettiness, lawlessness, and ignorance--not to mention complete reliance on government handouts. You need look no further than the rough sections of Oakland or any major city. What often separates the wealthy from the poor? Nothing. One has what the other wants. Theirs motives,often enough, are identical.
        Perhaps I am the Grand Enunciator or the Grand Inquisitor, but not the Great Dictator. I know much of the Germans and their language, having studied in that nation. Hitler was quite simply a response to total economic collapse, and we would be wise to take our cue from that event here in America. Watch how quickly the sheep will waive their constitutional rights here in the name of order and supposed security when we face a serious economic event. "Deutsche Ordnung reicht uber alles!"
        Ironically, fascism is very much alive and well in the state of Israel. If you do not think that is what Netanyahu and the Likud Party represent, we must not be looking at the same picture. Obama has just nominated Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Mr. Hagel had the audacity to point out that the Jewish lobby has excessive influence in Congress. Guess who objects to his nomination--the Christian right (in bed with Israel) and AIPAC. Even more disgusting is that Rand Paul is in Israel as we speak to kiss the magic ring (money) as he prepares a run for the presidency in four years.
        On that minor subject of ZNGA, sell into this rally. It might run above $3-, but I don't see it lasting. Machs gut, mein lieber Herr.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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