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  • uh_huh_yeah_01 uh_huh_yeah_01 Jan 11, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    Question of the Day: What is the good faith value of ZNGA?

    Smart people know never to short based on valuation. It's a little known secret. You need to recognize, old man.

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    • Beware youngster, with age and interesting experiences wisdom can be honed. I did not spend my green salad days sitting in some cubicle. My critical point is no one will be foolish enough to pay a premium for a failed business model. ZNGA has no physical product or anything vaguely resembling utility, and it ain't no Google. A ZNGA clone can be up and running in three months or less. The barriers of entry to this drug of mass conformity are minimal at best. Some of the very best "creators" are probably still in high school. Menial tasks are best outsourced to China or India. I lived in China for a period, and I know directly the skill level to be found there, and how cheap it is to be secured. You are correct on one point. In the current equities hysteria, going strong some four years now, valuations have become meaningless. Our own Federal Reserve is primarily responsible for this bubble, as cash is trash in the current environment. Did you know a balloon as it rises ever higher in the atmosphere eventually pops? I suspect it occurs this year, and this time the Fed will be powerless to run to the rescue. We are in for much excitement. Here's a bit of the Irish for you in this no country for old men.

      An aged man is a paltry thing
      A tattered coat upon a stick
      Unless soul clap its hands and sing
      And louder sing
      For every tatter in its dress.

      not an exact quote, but close enough.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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