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  • agqorzsl agqorzsl Jan 16, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    Latest Headline Concern for a Long Here - Latest Departure - Ugh!

    OK, I didn't give two flips about a lot of the executive departures. Afterall, Zynga was carving out a new path, and perhaps a bunch of those guys didn't like it. Maybe they had moral objections, couldn't let go of their old No Money Gaming babies, etc.

    Or maybe they simply didn't fit, as Zynga began to slough off dead weight, or for the really good ones, maybe they wanted new opportunities presented by big names like FB. Who knows how many shares some of the departing execs continue to hold anyway? They can still see opportunity for the company, but better opportunities for themselves personally.

    There are always going to be changes when a company takes a new turn. So no biggie, right?

    However, this latest headline is a bit disconcerting:

    Real-Money Gaming Startup Betable Snags Zynga VP of Business Developmentat AllThingsD(Wed 12:27PM EST)

    So here is another departure, and this guy is sticking with Real Money Gaming. Does he not see opportunity at Zynga, while he still sees opportunity in Real Money Gaming?

    This departure is much more difficult to explain away, if one is betting on success in Real Money Gaming, no?

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    • obviously this headline caught my eye as well. What I don;t understand, is that the guy they say got snagged, Jonathan Flesher, is reported to have resigned from the company back in November...must be a typo error or something....


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      • Yes, on reading further articles, I did see that he took time off to be "with family" for a month or two, so for the past month, the guy who supposedly put together the B.Win deal has been gone. Weird, hard to tell what was going on over there. Maybe he made the intro, lobbed in a phone call or two, but was barely responsible for truly doing the deal, or getting the thing going. You never really know who did what, unless you are on the inside.

        Also, how long ago did he really accept an offer? Maybe that month off was to distance himself. For all we know, Zynga will be filing another lawsuit over trade secrets, LOL.

    • A start-up company always pays a big premium. I do not blame him for leaving under the environment of ZNGA's frugal operation. And I won't even pay him one dollar more for the mediocre performance he has shown in Zynga.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • cost cutting, get rid of dead woods

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