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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Jan 19, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    The Saturday ZNGA cartoon question you have been waiting for.

    I've always enjoyed numbers. I'm a mad scientist with a mig welder, cogs, jack shafts, and whatnot, so I really enjoy calculating gear ratios for bicycles fabricated with mounted vintage German two stroke engines. These freeway speed machines infringe upon vehicle code regulations, but that's part of the excitement. I just try to keep the throttle down. You can tell much about a trader from his quirky side interests. I have heard of one that is quite an authority on bee keeping. I find that interesting. If a trader tells me he plays plays ZNGA games in his spare time, well, I'll simply have none of it, and go back immediately to my ice cold beer. Oh, that's right, I'm not drinking at the moment, some 82 days now.

    I have found a sense of numbers highly beneficial in stock trading, and especially a sense of mathematical probability. Most of the sheep don't like to talk about real numbers, and this is certainly the case with the Yahoo tribe. They are momentum investors by and large, which is fine so long as you have some exposure to Newton's laws. Most don't. Today's math question is also a ratio. Divide $600 million, the amount raised in the scam secondary offering, by $1.92 billion, the current market cap. Express that number as a percentage of current market cap. Now I must ask, if the bull dog is a screaming bargain at $2- and change, why aren't these same people throwing that money back at the stock now? It could easily double or triple with this ammunition. Why wouldn't the CEzero be throwing his $200 portion at ZNGA? I think you suddenly see the answer. Class dismissed.

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    • Odor, eye mean Odonne...muss kumplamate yous az a intellectual based upun urr post msg contents of extensive expression un a givin subjack. How queefer China girl keeeping ockuppied?

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      • Dear blievimnot,
        What da dilly? Why yes, I can meet you at your crib in the Oaktown hood, but it would have to be during daylight hours. I know the loops of that jungletown rather well. They did have six separate shootings in the space of four hours last week. Only four dead, but some of the youngsta's ain't the best marksmen. Maybe an NRA gun safety class would help.
        You want to know where the unrest started? You already in the thick of it big daddy. Strictly no snitch policy in the hood, so you generally ride the bus in the midst of free running cold killers.
        Ignorance ain't no bliss in your parts. Just the darker aspect of the coming spiritual revolution.

        Thanks for inquiring on China Girl. She's actually Mongolian, but don't tell anyone. She's insecure about appearing the country bumpkin. All she really wants is a yurt and a big screen plasma TV, quite modest tastes like my own.

    • are nothing but A RETARDED....ADMIT IT.... NOW NOTHNG MAKING "SENSE" in Wall Street ... Wall Street running by crooks that THEY WILL DECIDE IF & WHEN ZNGA ( in our case) will rock up or I bet with you BY MARCH THIS STOCK WILL BE $4 ( and guess what I feel how the crooks in Wall Street are go back to your BASHING $7 rate JOB

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    • So...guess you are a numbers guy, but a little cool on due diligence. Is it not the case the Znga announced a 200 million dollar share repurchase last quarter when the shares were trading at, you guessed it, 2.47. 10 percent of the float buyback.

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      • The key words being, "up to $200 million" in stock purchases. I suppose the figure of $10 million would technically qualify here.
        Furthermore, and this is a critical point, if ZNGA can't make any money from their so-called product, they could always speculate in the price of their own stock. There's possibly profit potential there. Keep in mind, they are gambling with shareholder money, not their own.
        A comedy of errors. Who's laughing?

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