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  • u_fail_again u_fail_again Jan 24, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    After the Lobotomy and then his Castration, Odonnel set up shop as a Message Board CLOWN

    But he needs a new job.This is just not paying very well. No one here really appreciates it but he's fluent in Ebonics, Kitchen Spanglish, and well versed in all things Jewish, from the Holocaust "that never happened" to the international banking conspiracy. He's an expert on the "victims" of the US and Israeli governments, yet he knows nothing of the crimes of the Syrians, the Iraqis, the Iranians or the Afghans, or even the Egyptians against their own people (those don't count).. He knows many things indeed. He also knows a great deal about working hard. In fact he spent his childhood as an alter boy, working hard every day.....

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    • There is actually much cause for celebration this week, as the fascist Netanyahu has lost his virtual monopoly on power, and must now broker the governing of Israel (our welfare stepchild) with the centrists. It is now likely the bombing of Iran is on hold, a disastrous mission we would inevitably be drawn in to. The engines of the bulldozers might even be shut down. Could the apartheid wall be next? Our Secretary of Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, had the audacity to make this statement on the record, "A lot of people are intimidated by the Jewish lobby." Was he talking about AIPAC? That has the Kosher Nostra and the Christian right up in arms, as it does not reflect their biblical interpretation of the world. I would think there is no such thing as a monopoly on human suffering, though the media might lead us to believe otherwise. Armenia/Cambodia/20 million Russians in WWII/The Cultural Revolution/Purge of Stalin/60,000 Syrians/our own Native Americans. It is a long and pathetic list, and there can be no hierarchy. Just out of curiosity, take a look at the list of names who liquidated $600 million of the bull dog via the back door exit at $12- and $13- per share. It was fraud plain and simple. Why aren't these same people, including of course the CEzero, scooping up the stock now at these bargain prices? None of these people will ever be prosecuted. That's just the way the casino works.

      Karma Yoga has only partially unfolded for the bull dog, so prudence ought to exercised at this point. I would think February is a critical month for ZNGA with that nasty lack of earnings report forthcoming. I also think it will be a most challenging month for the major averages. Caution has been thrown to the wind, and there is no proper risk assessment in these markets. Momentum investing has its limits, and though a 14,000 DOW is much in the cards, we are topping out. It comes no later than the Ides of March. Garbage stocks will be vaporized. Much has been touted about ZNGA's cash position, but I want to see a current bank statement. I look for ZNGA volume to pick up in the coming two weeks, with selling pressure. For the moment, the $2- price will be successfully defended, some 47 cents lower than today's close.

      My balls remain very much intact, though China Girl pointed out that the left side is sagging a bit. It must be the aging process.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Reflecting upun dee figures yous provide ov innocent collateral victims deaths I question why the "G-D ov Love"(Billy Graham statement sermon statement) did nut intervene az He did wit The Flood ov noah day/Sodom ann Gemorra to wipe out a entire population. Ov recent I deduce that our creator considers Earthlings interactions az a means ov "entertainment." Afta all wat kan one due living fur evah to occupy der mind and nut bee bored az eye yam recently retired. If eye was single responsibility ownlee to miself den eye could enjoy my remaining day "Two live fur miself, miself ann know budee else."( James Brown lyrics.)

      • Another guess?...You have been wrong quite a bit lately....let's hear some more B.S

      • Eye diagnose it could bee a groin hernia, Developed such un each side ov mi testicles. Necessitated peration fur both side. At least queefer China girl kan massage dem fur yous. Yous arr sopisticated fellow though, solid academic backgerround. IMO. Like your candidness.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Got a link? This just sounds like pure speculation on your part, sorry. When you reveal some facts come back to say what you found until, I will look at you as SPAM. Before accusing someone of being a meesage board clown get your facts together.

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