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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Jan 30, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    The ZNGA scam and SEC Rule 10b-18, governing company stock repurchases.

    First of all, never rely on the gang which can't shoot straight, the porn boys at the SEC. On a certain level,one can understand why they prefer Jenna Jameson over sifting through trivial matters like numbers, especially when their viewing pleasure is on government time. Also keep in mind that a career promotion is considered a move out of the SEC into the compliance unit of Goldman Sachs, as the compensation multiplies like loaves of bread. It is much akin to our politicians becoming lobbyists. Is there something wrong with this picture? It is always safer to assume the playing field in the casino is slanted against the interest of the individual investor, and I believe this very much to be the case.

    If recent price action and volume in the bull dog, certainly Monday's and Tuesday's charts, doesn't raise a few eyebrows, it damn well ought to. Furthermore, if the secondary offering was not insider trading by Pinus and pals plain and simple, I've got a used hot tub for sale in Marin County--just a few minor leaks. I suggest that ZNGA will be quite active in the repurchase of their common shares next week. They likely were heavy in the market this last Monday. A key indicator will be a large burst in volume and minimal price movement. In other words, the stock price must be defended next week, and it cannot be allowed to move toward that critical number of $2-. You might anticipate churning action, which I never like. The company will succeed in the short run with this ploy using your money, but longer term, the structural problems cannot be masked over. Hence, beware of the Ides of March.

    SEC Rule 10b-18 supposedly sets certain parameters for a company repurchasing its own shares. If you read the regulations carefully, you discover they are in fact highly favorable to the company. If the SEC has not yet made any inquiry into the fraudulent secondary, you can best believe management feels it has free reign to push the stock around. Beware ZNGA longs, supply and demand curves for this stock and any other can only be manipulated in the short run. This is why some exposure in the trading of pink sheet issues is essential to the credentials of any decent trader, not to profit, but to understand directly how the charade functions. It doesn't take much capital to rattle and hum a beaten company.

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    • learned dis muss, dat insiders az wel az M/M trade mong demself wit out cash exchange.

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    • Watch your rhetoric, old man. You need to be careful what you say. And I'm not talking about political correctness.

    • Bla Bla Bla more nonsense from the Doomsday Prepper.

      As much as you seem to know about inside conspiracy theories you should love Mark Pincus. He legally sold stock that Wall Street was yelling for and then when they realize they over paid they are mad at Mark?

      Bwahahahaha. I hope he has a room dedicated in his mansion decorated with photos of the executives from JP Morgan, Goldman, and all the rest where he sits at night and counts his cash laughing himself silly.

      Now for everyone who bought at 12 it just sucks to be you but this is America and fortunes are made and lost everyday.

      Buy it up at $2.60 now and leave the Doomsday Prepper to ramble in his bunker spewing nonsense because he lost.

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    • China girl and Vegas girl almost got together after reading this but then all of a sudden the door bell rang , who was it, a big fat team with deep pockets........ what to do with all that CASH

      • 1 Reply to tedddyvegas
      • Forget Vegas. It's been a complete bore since the last sighting of Elvis and Liberace commingling on the Strip with Wayne Newton functioning as the chaperon. No, for those who must push the limits, the Wild East must be the destination. I prefer Manila over Bangkok, as once certain activities are brought to fruition, you can then attend Mass at the 500 year old San Agustin Cathedral. It makes for a very interesting set of contrasts and moral contradictions. Where else in the world can you be romantic and hold hands with the working girls, and legitimately so? I have yet to discover any other place, definitely not Las Vegas.

        But on this subject of moral hazard.............ZNGA..........

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