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  • investorpro36 investorpro36 Jan 30, 2013 4:39 PM Flag


    zynga a cash cow and they will have more cash not having to share alot of the profits so you can only imagine!

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    • I appreciate your enthusiasm because I am long. However, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

      Facebook revenue from advertising was $1.33 billion. This was up over 40%. Mobile was 23% —compared with 14% in the third quarter.

      Revenue from payments and other fees was $256 million. Facebook earns a percentage of the money paid by users for virtual goods exchanged in social games on the site.

      The *PAYMENTS* is Zynga type revenue, and it was flat. If other companies took a piece of the market share, it is still possible that Zynga contribution to that revenue was DOWN. If Zynga contribution remained stable, then the earnings slide stopped.

      Regardless, Zynga's future is not going to be its core games. It can't grow its user base from Cable, its own Web Site, etc. they was it did on Facebook. That core business is the past.

      Zynga needs to manage its current business to keep Wall Street happy, while scrambling to transition its core business. The layoffs and stock buyback is designed to do that. Manage the quarterly numbers on its core business, while they scramble to establish another core business with more potential.

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    • I think I've finally figured you out. You just flip a coin before you post to decide whether it will be something positive about the given stock or not. This time ... you are correct. Must've been heads.

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