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  • investorfact investorfact Jan 31, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

    Serious question for Zynga experts...

    Can I get some opinions on what the break up from FB will mean for Zynga revenue, or more importantly profits. I have not followed closely lately but it was one point I wanted to revisit close to earnings release. My current opinion is that revs drop but profits absolutely soar relatively

    Also, any news or examples of more of Zynga's games portfolio getting ported to mobile stemming from the fb breakup.

    Lastly, something I sheepishly admit I wasn't aware of until I caught it from another stock I am watching... What if anything has anyone observed on the Zynga poker front and Asha phones from Nokia?

    The last question is probably the most important to me since Nokia's Asha phones crushed estimates.... now Real Money poker coming online..... emerging markets.... real money gambling.... emerging markets... Asia.... low price phones... emerging markets...... Asian predisposition to gambling... low end phones... possibly the biggest marriage deal around that nobody is talking about.

    Ok I kind of had fun with the last question as you can see, but with nobody talking about it or making the connection for the masses ( remember the masses can't think for themselves and add up these things before a yahoo article tells them to buy ) Yet could possibly be the NEXT HUGE THING?

    Looks to me like the deal if it is still going forward is the biggest hush hush deal going forward.

    Thank you so much in advance for any serious responses.

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    • @investorfact

      I am posting an old Aug article which you have probably read already...but to new investors I think it is important to read. Your point is valid - all these alpha and mot fool articles being written seem to fail mentioning the Nokia deal. This increased Zynga's count by possibly 100M (see article below) but more likely half of that as not everyone will play the games just because they are on the phone.

      HOWEVER, note that on yesterday's FB call...their user base growth almost all came from Asia (see their slides they presented) and they stressed the importance of games. Zynga being on these phones increases FB's membership as users need to open a FB account to play the games with their friends. I wouldn't be surprised if Zynga/Nokia forced FB into this contract divorce with Zynga in order to give Nokia/Zynga a bigger piece of this pie.


      Ingrid Lunden
      Thursday, August 16th, 2012

      Nokia is getting ready to reveal a new line of devices for its struggling smartphone business but it is also doubling down on its still-strong feature phone line, too. Today the Finnish handset maker announced an extension of a deal with Zynga to add Draw Something and Zynga Poker to Nokia Asha Touch feature phones along with the rest of the Nokia Series 40 range. The games will start rolling out in Q3 (this autumn) and will cover 100m users, Nokia says. The deal is a sign both of how Nokia is working hard to keep users on its devices in the face of strong competition from Samsung and cheap Android handset makers; and how Zynga is looking to grow its user base internationally at a time when the company’s bottom line has faltered (as have plays of recently-buzzy Draw Something).

      **** also from a casino reports blog from Jan 06/2013 ****

      What to expect in 2013

      This year should see a continuation in the convergence of social gaming with online and mobile gambling. The popularity of social gaming saw a number of gambling operators begin to offer social casino games for mobile users in 2012, with a number of them also announcing plans for social mobile gaming in the coming year.

      Software giant Playtech recently signed a deal that will see it provide real-money social casino, poker, bingo and rummy products for mobile gamers. Zynga's decision to launch a social poker app for all Nokia Asha Touch devices is sure to spark a lot of competition from rival games manufacturers.

    • Asians such as chinese love gambling and love their mobile phones. Zynga's online gambling will be hugely paid off on both mobile front and gambling front. Do not underestimate their population!

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      • 1 Reply to yongchanpak
      • I 100% agree I am just trying to get more information on the Zynga/Nokia Asha phone deal. With real money gambling coming sooner then later...

        I am not sure if the deal is still ongoing... Can't find anything on it.
        I am not sure many Zynga investors understand what Nokia and the Asha phone just accomplished last quarter and what it means for the deal if still in place.

        Thanks for your input. Any additional information and thought is greatly appreciated.

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