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  • mangomagic300 mangomagic300 Feb 6, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Little stocks like ZNGA. Can go up 20 30%

    What are you holding at? I've been invested in ZNGA since the FB IPO and I've been able to average down to 3.4

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • 15.00

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      • This is my logic, so I can see the end of the rainbow and don't look at day to day share price:

        - Money from UK gambling will pour in to 3rd quarter (add to cash flow);

        - More developers will use ZNGA (previously they were leasing Amazon platform & paid good money to Amazon).

        - FB and ZNGA "new" leverage relationship will be much better than before, because this time FB wants to get some money from gambling through ZNGA. Both will have their equal footing.

        - I believe Pincus working on "Under promise and over deliver" and it's shown on Q4 conference call. If Pincus gives a rosy guidance for 1st Q of 2013, analysts will "condemn" them as xyz, when they reach their guidance. Everybody "condemned" & expected a huge loss for Q4/2012 and bang, Pincus delivered a better than expected.

        Steve from Apple used to "under promise & over deliver". Apple current CEO did the opposite of what Steve used to do (look at the horrific mapping situation and one top management got fired, etc..). Steve would NEVER release a product that caused such disaster like the mapping!

    • The powder I have is for another stock & that one is making me GREAT money. This "other stock" is also having some relationship with ZNGA.

      Average of the current holding of this one is 7.83

      However, I had to unload some way back in 2012 due to margin call. If I counted those sold lots, I would say 8.36.

      I think when they the real gambling money starting in UK around June, we would see 8-10 and the 3rd quarter of 2013 will be VERY beautiful. This is when I will recover the cost + profit + capital gain of holding over 1 year for tax purpose.

      Cannot blame on anyone but my greed!

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