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  • edward.drossman Feb 6, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    This is how pump and dumps look like.

    Time to short this hot turd

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    • I won't bother explaining why this looks nothing like a Pump and Dump.

      However, I would like to point out the following:

      The correct Subject should have been:

      "This is How a Pump and Dump Looks"

      1) Your subject is missing an "a"
      2) "dump" should not be plural
      3) The word "like" at the end of your sentence does not belong
      4) The word "look" should be plural

      We still get your point.

      Why should we trust your opinion? Is it because you called the stock a "turd" like every other unoriginal, failed short wannabe on the Yahoo! Message boards since inception?

      Try something a little more original.

    • this is how shorts lose their wallet

    • You are so wrong ... it's tragic how you and a few others are missing this opportunity ... this is turning like SIRI did like GRPN did like P did like countless others have ... an institutional turn ... and please don't preach to me about metrics when you see Pandora (P) trading at a Price-to-Book ratio of 18.4 with ZNGA at 1.15x ... P is forecast with an FY13 EPS of -.09 and ZNGA to breakeven (which they will likely crush) ... P has $80 million in cash (.47 per share) and ZNGA has $2.10 ... P trades at $11.74 and has serious competitors ZNGA trades at $2.99 and is the leader with 300 million users

      There are other social media companies that have even worse metric comparisons as well ... today was only the beginning of a sustained move higher ... and when was that New Jersey online poker bill supposed to be decided ... 7 Feb? Oh, that's right ...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • lowering guidance and them coming out above but still losing-it's a buy/sell

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