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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Feb 10, 2013 8:30 AM Flag

    Can someone please graph a 30 day cheer leading ratio for the bull dog?

    I'm talking straight from the board here. It has gone parabolic of late, and I think anyone who has traded these markets for any length of time would view it as suspect. Is it possible all the people (sheep) are correct all the time? By the way, this is no buy and hold crowd, and their "investment" philosophy is not grounded in fundamentals, but rather momentum. The really scary idea is that this is also true of the major averages as a whole. Their so-called commitment goes no further than for that of a two bit working girl. The big boys will surreptitiously exit first, as is generally the case (ZNGA secondary anyone?), and it will be evidenced by a churning action in the price on healthy volume. It will then suddenly dawn on the gambling herd that the fundamentals and future revenue of ZNGA remain very much in doubt, and a mad scramble for the exit doors will ensue. The timing of this Goldman Sacks traveling circus is impeccable, and it will be most interesting to observe the use of adjectives. The platitudes will be plastered about in great abundance, and the subject of real numbers will be relegated to the back section of the stage. Image and perception is everything in the modern stock market, and Goldman Sacks, above all others, knows these things can be molded in the short run. That is the essential function of Goldman at this moment, a public relations firm, not an investment house. If you look at the history of Lloyd Blankfein and pals, a sorry record has already been established. They were peddling rubbish which they had short positions in. His crew, much like Pinus and associates, operated without absolute impunity, the slap on the wrist fine notwithstanding.
    How did JP Morgan become so successful, if you were to measure success in dollars? He sold too early. He apparently understood mass psychology, which has not changed one iota through the eons.
    Fear and greed baby! Which holds the upper hand at the moment?

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    • jalcort Feb 10, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

      this is not about 2012, it is about 2014, if you continue to see the rear mirror is ok, but drive looking to the front, no matter how bad the road was in the past, you have to be focus on the future. This is the reason the stock price will fly to the 7's. I know there is no guarantee to success, but risk tolerance is here the most important, if you do not have the stomach for this go with GD, RTN, CAT, HON, etc. If the strategy of ZNGA works, then you will have a great rewards if not calculate the punishment. I came her at 2,4 and will stay until 7.


      Cash Preservation
      Cost Reduction
      3D Games
      For real money gambling
      Mobile on focus
      Patents portfolio
      On games advertising

      This for me is the difference between 2012 vs 2013, 2014

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    • You are quite eloquent although evidently quite jaded as well, and apparently mystified by the jump in price this week. Your scepticism is understandable in light of the jump in price after the disasterous fall over the last year. You certainly have plenty of company - a reading of posts on this board will confirm it. I agree that there are too many traders in the stock who will move in and out with a minscule profit in hand. However, the is nothing that can be done to discourage traders, other than when they themselves make a costly mistake by being on the wrong side of a trade. After having done some considerable research on this company, I jumped in in December and bought a large stake, and have held it to this day. The move up in my view is justified in light of the changing fortunes of the company, with their new focus on gambling and concern for controlling costs. ZNGA is also very strong financially and can weather any storm, and can make suitable acquisitions should they see fit. The stock is still remarkably cheap from a financial standpoint. The company is also a prime acquisition candidate with $1.6B in cash and an industry-leading position in games. The 'Street' this past week woke up to the potential of this company in the gambling space. In the short-term, stocks are all about emotions, and there is so much cash out their looking for a quick profit that any good news and 'away-we-go'..But there may well have been some serious investors picking up the staock this past week, when almost 50% of the stock changed hands. My guess is that this stock will go up much more in the near-term than it probably should based upon the fundamentals, but that's what the stock market does - fear and greed prevail, and we are in the 'greed ' phase. I expect we will see 5 bucks in the next week or two, simply due to the influence of greed and momentum chasers. Maybe even higher. The is no doubt this will continue to be very volatile going forward as investors move on every bit of news. Stay tuned!

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    • Bla Bla Bla,
      Never any substance from the Doomsday Prepper... How's it feel?

      Bwahahahaha YOU ARE A LOSER.

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      • 1 Reply to socialboom30
      • Be prepared for the spiritual revolution, because it does not come without great pain. These asinine games, these drugs of conformity, will have no use in the coming environment. QE printing has encouraged great excesses in the casino, there currently exists no proper risk assessment, and the population at large is watching their standard of living dwindle. Can we create wealth out of thin air? The Federal Reserve has determined that the major averages are a barometer of our economic health, but this is a foundation built on sand. There will be a tectonic shift back to the very basics, and ZNGA plays no role in this picture. It is not a question of if, but when. There is something very rotten in Danemark. The huge unanswered question is what level of cooperation can we expect from a society under stress. If this board is any indication, it is not a pleasant thought. Every man for himself?

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