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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Feb 13, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    Speculative fervor in this stock must be entirely crushed.

    We are not close to that point, and yesterday's action was only a minor inconvenience for the longs. The 90 million shares which changed hands in a wave of selling did demonstrate what has been obvious all along, namely that the commitment of the average bull dog gambler--there are no widows and orphans on this landscape--is measured in hours. However unpleasant, it was only the logical profit taking would anticipate, and did not express the fear of a full blown stampede. Greed very much holds the upper hand, and since speculative sentiment remains in the stratosphere, this is very fertile ground for the big boys, especially those in the options pits. So, the stock has to make another run to the upside. Conditions are ideal to push and shove this rubbish all over the map, as so many hopes and dreams of quickly doubling your money are on the line. There are very few stocks listed on the exchanges which can express this kind of beta value, so ZNGA naturally entices the high rollers, and you often run across this same crowd at your average Indian casino, and they are mostly found at the black jack table where the pace of the game can be fast and furious. Do not fool yourself for one moment if you call yourself an investor on this scene. A traditional investor wouldn't be found near this momentum game, as he would have to focus on fundamentals, realistic revenue projections, and real numbers. Hype doesn't cut it for this increasingly rare breed. Commonly accepted accounting ultimately comes to bear on the bull dog, as is always the case in the casino, and that is when a dynamic shift towards fear will occur. Suddenly, the herd will arrive at the universal consensus, of course all at the same time, that things are not as they seem to be. It will be very much like a Shakespeare play, where all the veils of falsehood and pretension are removed, revealing an inner core of rot and stench. Keep in mind that in every single Shakespeare tragedy, the supreme price for human folly is death. When fear takes over, things will get very nasty indeed, and the big boys will have long since exited the stage leaving you holding the table scraps. This already occurred in the $12- area to the tune of $600 million. How brief is the human memory.

    "My kingdom for a horse."

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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