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  • csuhornet83 csuhornet83 Feb 21, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    The lack of movement

    Anyone find it odd that the PPS barely moved in the last hour of trading (even dropping a cent or two) and it stayed the same in AH?

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    • I just checked Nasdaq and AH truncation . Over 236,000 traded. One person bought 16,000 shares. Few people knew.
      What is the problem??? Many posters are not serious and I saw posts that are UNREAl!!
      Even know, I had to googles it to read and saw the video myself.

      If we want to make money, please, please take investment/ trading seriously. UNREAL posters really hurt people in a big way.

    • Panicky naked short sellers trying desperately to hold the stock from flying...also I suspect Nevada passing the online gambling is not widely known and even those who heard about it don't trust the news is real. Otherwise I just can't see why this stock would not have hit $4-5 AH..May be it will do so tomorrow.

      I am buying before markets open.

    • I find it odd that a profitable company that grew cash to $1.65 Billion and had $1.28 Billion in Revenue last year with 300 million users (over 75 million on mobile devices) and 89 patents (most of which are directly related to online gambling) is trading for .55 above cash and real estate ... that's what I find odd ... think about it ... we closed at $2.74 on the day before earnings ... since then we learned, Zynga was profitable last quarter, Zynga grew cash to $1.65 Billion, Zynga now has over 75 million users on mobile devices (not Facebook), Christie supported online gambling in NJ, Nevada passed a online poker bill which provides for agreements between States and locks out Full Tilt and Poker Stars, and Zynga is still on track to launch real money casino games in the UK within months ... we find all that out and today we closed .22 above our close the day before we knew anything ... that's what I find odd!!!!!! It's all smoke and mirrors, it will be a great year ... sometimes you just have to take a stand!

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