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  • jim_ghorbanian jim_ghorbanian Feb 28, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    I am LONG but this sucks. ZNGA gave back all its gains from yesterday.

    I was kind of unhappy that it did not go higher yesterday on NJ news and thought it should have at the minimum hit 3.76 which was where it hit a couple of weeks ago when folks thought NJ was going to pass. But giving back the meager few pennies it gains yesterday on NJ news is totally pitiful and smells of manipulation. It sucks. All my hopes for $4 by tomorrow are dashed.

    Most likely it was brought done today for the benefit of short sellers but also to set up to close below $3.50 tomorrow so all expiring weekly 3.50 calls will get zeroed tomorrow. My guess is that we close somewhere between 3.45-3.49. The dirty flawed game of Wall Street Casino.

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    • jalcort Mar 1, 2013 12:33 AM Flag

      How long?, I am since the 2.30's and I am very happy with 40% profits overall since then, and I am sure this stock is going to fly to 7's after the 2nd quarter results, be patient, Rome was not built in one day.

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    • I reiterate: Until we see a firm close aboive $3.57 which needs to hold for a few days thereafter, nothing will happen of any consequence..The Bwin/UK gaming rollouts are the catalyst that will move us up or not..Must wait patiently for some UK news..Short term - it's all BS ...This will not be quick..Market needs to see some exciting TANGIBLE numbers ...

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    • point-taken Feb 28, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      I'm pretty much in agreement with ya. This seems to be the new bottom that ZNGA will push off from. Some investors buy and sell with a 5% or 8% profit. I'm long and buy the dips. Might do just that Friday morning. I'm trying not to micro manage this stock's price on an hourly or daily basis. (Well I said 'Trying" ain't always easy) This puppy is heading back up. And I'll give it a hard look come the summer if it isn't moving to expectations. But we will make money!

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      • I am also leaning towards adding to my shares in the morning specially if it goes further down.
        Having said that, I feel part of the reason manipulators were successful in bringing it down today was GRPN's poor earnings and major hair cut today. GRPN, however, is up nearly 5% AH following the firing of their CEO and there is a good chance ZNGA will also go up tomorrow in sympathy with GRPN.

        Unfortunately for us longs the market seem to treat ZNGA as though they are partners of GRPN and in the very same technology section. However, while both may be considered social networking, GRPN and ZNGA are in vastly different fields with GRPN having nothing to do with mobile gaming and online gambling. Hopefully today's much smaller haircut for ZNGA is the beginning of the end of such erroneous association.

        Bottomline: I will be adding tomorrow at current pps or anything lower.

      • I had alluded to the same thing in an earlier post. I decided to take a little profit yesterday and see if I couldn't pick up the same shares at a lower price. It may not work out, as the bottom price has been inching up with each rise/fall. I'm still hoping to get back in at $3.20 or lower. I don't think we'll see sub $3.00 shares again, but you never know.

        A side benefit of the sale was that I had some extra funds to pick up some cheap Groupon shares today. With the news of a new CEO to be hired, it looks like I lucked out and will pick up some extra green to buy more Zynga shares!

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    • Let's see how happy you are Monday with the bloodbath market wide and $2.60 Znga.

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