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  • warhead4321 warhead4321 Mar 5, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

    Perma-bulls, perma-bears do not read this. Everyone else, exit the rabbit hole here....

    Thankfully, there are a few people who are getting ticked off about how this board has devolved into a scummy comedy club and are interested in information. I can't fix that for you, but I can give you a few leads.

    First, I am bullish on Zynga long term. Short term, not so much, but I will trade it if I see a nice move just before it hits, then I will exit it when it is played. Before my first ZNGA trade, my limited study of the company made me want to buy and hold for the long term, and I was convinced that was my best play. So I bought, and bought and bought. Recently, like a week ago, I sold my entire holdings in a 15 minutes span, based on instinct and technicals. I made a good deal of money, it's in the bank.

    I intend to get back in, hopefully very soon, and hopefully I'll hold long enough to make it worth my while. Ultimately, I want to be holding a nice block of shares just before ZNGA breaks out big to the upside. I would like to hold for a few years if it can prove itself worthy of holding that long, or longer. If the tide turns against this stock and at some point it looks like they simply can't execute, I will forget it ever existed,

    Call me a trader, a swing trader, call me some childish name if that floats your boat. I don't have any particular discipline for a stock like this. I am reactive. I do not believe in hype; I don't have a superstitious bone in my body so I don't believe in luck either.

    This is not about me.

    I got all of my good info that got me into ZNGA all over the net, but not here. This board only has a small number of people who are interested in facts and data and objective information. that is not unique to this board, but this board is on a death spiral as far as I am concerned. Too much noise, and virtually no signal.


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    • Ok will interpert this for everyone you shorted are getting reamed and now are finding yourself on the wrong side of the trade and therefore you post this seemingly neutral piece to make it seem otherwise in your pathetic attempt to get small retail fish to sell in the hopes you can get back in the money. Truely pathetic.

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      • Let me interpret this for you. I don't short stocks.

        I bought several big blocks at $2.47, $2.57, $2.90, then sold them all doe $2.52. Didn't buy at the lows, didn't sell at the highs, but I made a really nice stack of money and I booked my profits. I wanted to hold longer, but I don't like the price action, the news or lack thereof, and the chart sucks. I want back in. FULL DISCLOSURE ENOUGH FOR YOU. However, I take their competition seriously, I think nothing is guaranteed for them. I do not think they are a "magic" stock. When I change my opinion, hopefully soon, I will buy back in, higher than where I sold it. If they go down, I will buy cheaper.

        There, that is as open and clean as it gets. My post was was to encourage people to look for information from places other than this board because there is NO INFORMATION OF VALUE BEING POSTED HERE LATELY. You continue to demonstrate my point nicely.

        Satisfied fkucwit? Still like your brilliant theses? Any more fabrication you want to dribble out here?

        How about you write something of marginal value? No, you are just a bad counter-puncher. Reactive and critical. Snotty punk.

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    • How droll but hey that is your style.

    • "This is not about me. "

      Heh.. Could have fooled me. "I this" and "I that" blah blah blah..

      Here, I can summarize your post in just a few short sentences for you:

      "I'm an awesome trader and I always make money, buying at the bottom and selling at the top. I made a ton of money on this and will do so again. Despite my trading, I will be in it for the long haul because I will miraculously buy a massive block right before a massive move higher. I will certainly let you know I did so after the fact."



    • Back to the original premise. If you are thinking of buying this stock, or you have already jumped in and are nervous about the seemingly odd pricing behavior, if you are worried about your money and you aren't one of the chosen ones who "knows" without a doubt that this is going to take off like a rocket this week or sink like a stone the next, then listen to your gut. Tune out the comedians here and the pumpers and read something beside this board and inform yourself.

      Zynga has potential. It may succeed big in real money gambling, it may succeed any number of ways. And it may also fail spectacularly. Ask anyone here. The problem is they "know" what they know because they just know it. They largely don't entertain information that doesn't suit their fevered beliefs.

      A man named Vince Martin wrote an article on Seeking Alpha (an investment opinion site widely hated by most people here) yesterday called "Pincus's Comments Belie Zynga's Poker Aspirations". It was negative on Zynga, no question about it. Problem is, it was a solid article, backed by a lot of information gathered by the author from gambling insider sites, one of which he also writes for called Calvin Ayre (a gambling insider who has a stable of writers who follow the industtry). In fact, the article Martin published on SA yesterday was an expande rehash of an article he wrote for Calvin Ayre October last year called "CAN ZYNGA AND BWIN.PARTY SAVE EACH OTHER?".

      I mentioned the SA article here and was criticised by the usual suspects, a few Zynga perma-bulls who called me everything but a communist (wait for it... that will come after this article). The sad truth is that both articles had a lot of valid points that were not all conjecture but are realities that Zynga has to deal with, or they will fail in RMG. Better still, it had a lot of supporting links to other articles that added more fuel to the fire. The fire is real.


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      • This is way too long for this board already, but I want to reiterate the dichotomy or a lot of people raising hell about the lack of good information here, and questioning why Zynga stock doesn't fulfill their predictions with regularity, why the stock doesn't appear to "behave" and questioning why the company doesn't do this or that. The answers are out there for you to read and understand and are not hard to find. You needn't be puzzled about why the stock doesn't sit up and give you it's paw, or is it sick or more importantly "What should I do? Should I mortgage my house and go all in? Should I dump my shares?"

        Read a few bullish articles to make yourself feel good, to inform you about the promise of the company, to learn about it's great financials and low book value. Then read some hard hitting bearish articles that have backing data and references to other articles and news that isn't gushing and fawning over your favorite stock. In other words, read what the people on the other side of your trade are reading. Know thy enemy. Know that someone who disagrees with you sometimes isn't your enemy, but just another cold blooded trader who is trying to turn a profit and is willing to look at both sides of the coin and bet on the most probably outcome, no matter what it is.

        Hell, give me a few good leads to some objective info. That is the point of these posts: there is too much "rah-rah" and "shorts rule" and not enough actionable information. Go read the good the bad and the ugly and maybe you can make some positions that will allow you to sleep well at night.

        Post that and not so much junk and this will be a better board.

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    • "If you ain't making money in the stock market, don't change your habits and patterns... just turn your charts upside down". D L.Graham

    • I decide what happens to ZNGA

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