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  • stamas5 stamas5 Apr 10, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Food For Thought, We will need to make a choice soon on who we partner with in US

    My thinking is John Doerr is working hard on that choice as I'm typing. I't could be BIG news that will make us well. There is a lot of chatter about MGM-BOYD-BWIN but nothing is set in stone at this time and a big suprise for all of us could be comming sooner then later imo. We could be in for a shocker !! A good one. This company is a mover and shaker.

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    • Who's we you make no decisions and if you work for Zynga you would be a huge bag holder! LOL

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    • Stam5, the mgm,boyd ,bwin deal is complete !! They are just waiting for a nevada license... but more important is the new jersey market because they will allow all casino games not just poker as in nevada !! that is a limited market for nevada residents only proposed at the present time !!

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    • hollis.pc Apr 10, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

      You can speculate all you want but I just don't see a takeover of ZNGA. Certainly not in the near future and a little less doubtful a year from now. The landscape of online gambling is just evolving. It will be a completely different monster in a year or two. As for Google, they are a behemoth. They can now do the safe short pass to move the ball down the field, like cloud storage and service. MSFT or Yahoo are down 3 and long. They would be more inclined to try a long pass with ZNGA. And should that day come, Pincus will open it up to a bidding war to assure ZNGA gets top dollar no matter how close he is to Doerr. But again, it's all speculation. No one is right or wrong. Not yet, anyways.

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    • You will have no choice - the partner will be the SEC:) One of Doerr's promises to PInus is that he will visit him in Lompoc prison only IF he let's SEC clawback his $192 Million for we bagholders ($11) !

    • Doerr is likely "working on" getting Zynga to be the global powerhouse in socialized online real money gambling to the mass market (including the merger with bwin) ... at which point Doerr will "work on" Google acquiring Zynga/bwin (it won't be sooner because Pincus and KPCB will demand too high of a price premium) ... Doerr has been on the Google board since 1999 ... all, very much imho

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      • guys if i may put my 2 cents in... pincus has already said he wants to be the dial-tone for all games, those words spoken there are of epic size. if znga starts taking-off there is no looking back for him. again he has stated he is not selling, i think he is taking it all the way or going down with the ship! just my humble opinion. as for Doerr, pincus must think he is the right man to help fulfill his vision. pincus i dont believe is going to take a backseat for anyone as we have seen already with fb. the next 5 yrs will shape how all this is going to shape up and at these prices people will wonder why they let this one slip past them. time is going to be our ally, just my thought.

      • No matter what happens, Zynga looks to be in the right place at the right time. I'm leaning towards a Shocker that will blind side all of us. GLTY

      • point-taken Apr 10, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

        Interesting you say Google, bluesky. Google does have the funds. And it could be a good match. I think if Google wanted ZNGA they would first partner. Then Google would do a buyout. This would eliminate a bidding war. If, on the other hand, Google made an offer, MSFT, Amazon, perhaps FB would also bid. Although, I just don't see any action of buying ZNGA in the near future. (As you say, "it wont be sooner.") I feel the big boys want to see how this online gaming thing pans out.

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