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  • rags722 rags722 Apr 10, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Death is near RIP Zynga

    If the hope for Zynga is overseas live gambling, the totally botched upgrade of ZYNGA games and inability to fix the upgrade in the past 2 weeks should be proof they do not have the skills required to play games where real money will be at stake! You can't use paying players as beta testers and survive. This will be a penny stock after the first system crash.

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    • point-taken Apr 10, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

      Wow, only one post under this screen nam, and a dismal one to boot. (Like we don't have enough of those already) Well, raggedy-andy-722, a little advice before putting you on ignore; don't use "he-he-he." It's already taken.

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      • Actually some years back I used to post, then I realized the majority on here didn't care to do any checking on a business and were simply cheerleaders, trying to hype a product that they were stuck in. So, lets try this again and see if you can refute my position based on fact and without insult. Zynga has made it's position in the gaming world by developing games that rely on "building" things with the help of friends (ie Farmville, City scape, Hidden Chronicles, etc). The games were picked up by Facebook and got a much larger audience. Zynga now is in the process of unbundling the direct tie-in with Facebook, and in the last 2 weeks launched a Zynga Direct platform that has produced nothing but problems and has the user community up in arms, and Zynga can't fix them. Zynga's future is not with this type of game, but with on-line gambling in Europe. I maintain if they can't fix a programming error today, what is their future when they have system crashes involving players playing for real money? How long will it take following a unresolved system crash for the stock price to tumble to nothing?

    • A penny stock when they have $1.52/share in net cash. Idiot/moron...gfy.

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