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  • upintheupmich upintheupmich Apr 11, 2013 7:21 PM Flag


    I've only been investing for a relatively short time and am just wondering your thoughts on ZNGA? I'm thinking about buying some more ZNGA, quite a bit actually but am a little tentative and need some advice from a well respected person as yourself....any thoughts? Sweaterpup, truthnproof, point-taken??

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    • point-taken Apr 12, 2013 12:47 AM Flag

      (This is mainly my opinion, which may have some good and bad mixed together. Others will enlighten you. What I offer is another point of view to consider. You'll need more for a balanced decision.)

      OK, up, it's good ZNGA is not a sole investment for you. (And you should take into consideration the percentage of shares you will eventually hold. Most times you don't want to be top heavy in one stock. ie: sweaterpup's posting.) So to focus on ZNGA and your criteria: A company with 1) Big potential, 2) Long term. Most of us, if not all, want that from each investment. Your reasons for buying ZNGA back in January were good and continue to be so. There are two points to consider: The technical numbers, which come to profit, lose and future growth. Bluesky and 'W" (Whistle) are among the most fluent with these and do well at making them understandable. I defer to them. The second would be past, current and future direction.
      ZNGA was floating up until last summer. Pincus and the directors started bringing in better people to run and develop ZNGA's future. These people and directions should have been instilled before the IPO. It has taken time to create new strategies and to implement them. ZNGA has two primary focuses: games and gambling. The new games have been well received. As, too, gambling. However, in the long gambling will generate a major portion of ZNGA's income. Getting from where we are now to there will take time. And it is possible some day ZNGA might be acquired. My focus in the gambling sector takes in, not only ZNGA, but Glu, companies like 888Holdings,, BYD and a few brick and mortars.

      The bottom line, I feel comfortable investing in ZNGA . $5 by summer is doable and reasonable even if its a 50% gain. And I see ZNGA going higher, too. I do find myself reappraising my opinion every 30 days and will continue to do so. I hold about an equal amount of both ZNGA and Glu. And I am convinced there is money in online gambling.

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      • point-taken Apr 12, 2013 1:13 AM Flag

        I may have been all over the map with my opinion. So let me break it down again.

        I like ZNGA because of Doerr and David Ko. Good visionaries and disciplined.

        Over 1 billion in reserve, 100 mil debt, 300 mil players

        Success with online games and with gambling

        Great potential for a lot more upside in the future

        Only downside: much of this has occurred recently. When they report on the 24th I am concerned with actual numbers. There could be a drop in price but it will recover if there is. When they report again in July/Aug I expect the numbers to be great.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • point-taken Apr 11, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

      First, the worse question is the one not asked. By asking you have made a good start.

      upintheupmich, it would be helpful to all if you gave a little more info. Do you own other stocks/companies? If yes, what are they? What percentage of your current ZNGA is your portfolio? The money you are using, can it sit for a length of time, or will it be needed at a moments notice? What expectations do you have, want, with investing?

      Need to take the dog and myself for a run and grab a bite to eat. Will help, if I can, when I get back.

    • at least you are asking the right people...just click on their names and you can see all their posts in order...have fun blue! "your'e my boy blue!"

    • Don't respect blueskydriving, he's had way too much to drink and he is going to the Fleetwood Mac concert ...

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