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  • mcpix1 mcpix1 May 1, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Any fear of too many companies in RMG?

    With GLUU's announcement today of another slots game and development of mobile casino games, plus UltimatePoker's launch in Nevada, is there any concern about too many players in the RMG industry? I still think that Zynga is the big dog in RMG, but they need to stake out their turf as soon as possible.

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    • Being in rmg is better than not being in it.

      I said this yesterday , normal people who want to casually play poker would rather play on zynga social network with friends than get beaten out of money playing with all the pro shmoes.

      most people aren't hardcore poker players plain and simple

    • hey mcpix....I tried emailing you at yahoo and got a failure me here at yahoo so I can send u an invite : )

    • I don't think there is any concern about to much competition at the moment as this is such a lucrative and untouched market. I think UltimatePoker's launch is a sign that Zynga's launch is in the near term, and in Zynga's case, it has the advantage with its large customer base and social interaction. I see Zynga opening green tomorrow if overall economy outlook is positive. Zynga did fairly well today when all markets were down.

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    • In my opinion "Z" is taking the right steps in seeking casual game players and making their site easy for new gamers to become informed and feel comfortable playing. $10 from a 100k players is better than $20 from 20k. I do agree with you that they should plant their flag soon. Poker players, pros and amateurs, both love to go where the action is, payouts are good, and tournament prizes are bountiful.

      But poker players are not necessarily loyal to just one site. But when you want to play a game amongst your friends at the bar or play heads up from home with a friend cities away "Z" is trusted amongst users and chances are all parties have been exposed to this company for one thing or another at some point already in their lives., even if it was an invite or ad.

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    • shhh. we are trying to keep that quiet. RMG is a secret. only a selective few know about it. shhh.

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