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  • jamck77 Jun 20, 2013 10:12 PM Flag

    I am sorry I ever heard of this stock....

    I am hold who is losing patience. I am amused by all of this back and forth on this board by people who think of themselves as investors when they are really gamblers. The dramatic drop last week was similar to a punch to the solar plexis. There has been this to and fro of events starting with the parting of ways with FB and then this pie in the sky notion of on-line gambling. The gambling may ultimately save this company but not those who bought in the high teens. Once in a while in the last 40 years I get sucked into a story. The last disaster as Coleco (google Adam Computer-Yikes!). The lure of titan-rocket profits was there but now "tapering" is upon us and the we are all in for a rough ride. The lesson I have learned is that when you are riding a long-shot and a tornado blows in there will be many nights when you say to yourself: "...I knew I should have cut my loses". P.S. rough ride with no way of knowing-amused by those who think they do.

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    • I vote this best post of the day. A bit of honesty for a change. Kudos!

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      • jamck77 Jun 21, 2013 5:47 AM Flag

        Thank you. Since you mention it I would like to comment that I find the boards to be useful. However, I think the boards have great potential if the adolescent name calling and the drama would cease. The thought that a series of exaggerated opinions are going to move a stock as in "pumping" shows a lack of any real understanding of the markets. Reliable facts, meaningful perspective and thoughtful opinions are are what I am looking for.

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