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  • socialboom30 socialboom30 Jun 21, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    The PPS is justified. For today.

    Look I want the PPS to go higher. But Longs should not cry, they should buy.

    The company has been a train wreck on execution... I'm still waiting to play my brother in law Running With Friends because they won't release on Android.

    They had Draw Something2 just collapse after only a few weeks and still no Android.

    There has been real question about whether 520 job cuts were enough, and at every turn insiders sell, and don't give me that bull about how the sells are scheduled... Nobody is making them sell... A PPS that values the company for it's assets is justified.

    Now... Nobody makes money investing based on the PPS today. Long or short you make money on where the PPS will be in the future.

    Nothing changed from June 3rd. The company has not lowered guidance. In fact, they have made a great pick up on their march toward RMG. We know it's close to put up or shut up in NJ. There has been rumor that the RMGs in the UK have performed well. I think our leadership has been enhanced with John Doerr. And our investors have improved with Jana Partners.

    Look, I think we are in a great spot and we will see brighter days, but no crying!!! This is business...

    Buy you dummys... Turn over your couch cushions, cash in life insurance, pawn your car... This should be the happiest day you can imagine.

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