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  • baggindabucks baggindabucks Jul 6, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    Z's new gameplan: TAKE NO PRISONERS!

    Let's not lose focus on the "forest" by simply concentrating on a few scattered "trees". Listen up for I will school you just this one time. The relentess Z bashing is being done for a reason, get it?? First of all, let's connect the dots of events just over the past 3 months, I will enumerate them as follows:

    1. Z launches w/Bwin RMG (3 months "ahead" of schedule).
    2. On 04/05 Doer joins the b.o.d. - (this was a good clue of what was to follow).
    3. On 05/15 its revealed that Jana Partners bought a 3% stake in Z, (these guys ALWAYS know before you)
    4. On 06/03 Z cleans house - out with non-essential personnel to make room for the "new" sea change.
    5. On 06/19 - the Spooky Cool acq. (Aren't you feeling a little "spooky" by now?)
    6. On 07/01 - The ULTIMATE masterstroke - Don (the whiz kid) Mattrick takes over and now will transform Z into an absolute, kickaaaaz, TAKE-NO-PRISONERS BEAST!

    Over the next 3 months we will see the unfolding of the masterplan, hold on to your seats because the flurry of activity will be nothing short of astronomical as the pieces are put into place. Be veeery happy that you are in under $4, if you are not then don't complain about not being informed. GL and be prepared because it's "coming".

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    • Question, we all have a pretty good idea how Wall St. works, did Jana know something we didn't? It shows you just how little the ANALysts know, all of them buttered each other's behind without so much a smidgen of dd, what a joke those guys are.

    • Lots of chatter about a merger with Mr. Softie, what's your take on that possibility?

    • Btw, what I'm referring to in regards to the "relentless Z bashing", it's not the baby stuff you see on this bd. No no no no, it's much much bigger than that. I'm not even talking about the blogger lapdogs such as mot. fool, SA & etc, I'm talking about the recent & timely MS downgrade along with their buddies (you know who they are), was it orchestrated? Hmm, you tell me. When I noticed these guys making their moves, I immediately cleaned out my piggybank and loaded up. Trust me, there's nothing complicated about this game, you just have to keep your eyes open. 'Nuff said.

    • Great points, we all know for a fact that Doer was placed on the bd for one objective only, and that is to get the frickin share price up. Another point about Jana, they will forever be near all of the great piles of money in the world, you can bet your bippie on that.


    • Well said, Monday may be the last we see this under 4, I hope I'm wrong because I can't free up any cash until next Fri. fingers crossed, I'm planning on backing up the truck.

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