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  • book_cooking_101 book_cooking_101 Jul 14, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    Zynga = Gambling ?

    Think about it. There were 12 NJ Gambling liscenses filed, Zynga was not one of them. BWIN did file in NJ, Zynga is only partnered with BWIN in the UK. BWIN has a relationship with MGM however.
    In NJ gambling will only be operated by current gambling entities. Meaning that ZNGA wont be one of them unless they partner then get approved, If approved they will probably only get poker spit up a million ways.
    NJ wont allow gamblers just to tap Facebook and start to gamble. In NJ you will have to have accounts thru the casino operators only.
    Caesars will probably partner with Pokerstars if Pokerstars cant get their casino, MGM is with BWIN. IGT , Ballys gaming and Williams are slot manufactuers that will partner with all operators. The best bet is for ZNGA to liscense and develop games to everyone nut with IGT being the gorilla I dont see that happening.

    If somehow ZNGA announces that they are partnered with BWIN in the US, then this stock will roll beyond 10 no doubt, but with NJ gambling set to go live by the 1st qtr 2014, I would think that no word by now is not a good thing.

    Ditto for Delaware and Nevada

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    • chief.inspector_clouseau chief.inspector_clouseau Jul 14, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

      One need not be a great French detective like Chief Inspector Clouseau to know that Zinga has until the end of this month - July - to partner with a N.J. casino to be in a position to enter the online gambling market in November (or early thereafter) when it is expected to be up-and-running. In my view, Zinga will not miss this opportunity, and my guess is that they have been/are waiting for the best deal they can get from those few casino's who have yet to announce deals with gaming companies like Zinga. Zinga is the 800lb gaming gorrila, being able to offer the most potential gamers for any casino - thus being an attractive partner for any N.J. casino.Keep in mind any deal they cut is for N.J. and only N.J., which represents only about 3% of the U.S. population - which leaves the other 97% for future deals, depending upon what, if anything, the U.S. Congress does in terms of federal online gambling legislation. I would not be surprised that Mr. Mattrick, on the Zinga conference call following the earnings release - at the end of NEXT WEEK - announces and gives details of their yet-to-be-announced N.J. casino partner. The next few weeks I expect to see ZNGA stock advance nicely as these factors are discounted into the stock. Clouseau

    • ZNGA did apply you it is said to your short troll.....F yourself

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    • Half of what you just said is incorrect. Do your homework before posting.

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      • 1 Reply to grabapairandgolong
      • And what half was incorrect ? Do you really think that this stock would be sitting at $3.50 if they would have a piece of gambling ? So I guess that anyone can set up shop in NJ and start up a gambling enterprise thru a website without a NJ license. HUH ? Wow,,,, no mention in SEC filings and no mention of a US partner. The deadline passed in NJ and ZNGA did not apply for a license.
        No Nevada, no Delaware either. So where is this gambling business other than the UK ? Where is the meaningful bottom line from that venture ? Where in the United States can you generate gambling revenue without applying for a gambling license at your local casino control commision ?
        Geez... there is not even a Farmville slot machine yet. But why would a slot manufactuer license that anyway.

        How much money did Pincus make by firing himself.

        This stock is only riding on the new guy to turn it around.

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