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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Jul 21, 2013 7:11 AM Flag

    Barton says Federal Bill years away ... Great!


    Barton said that the Federal Bill will not get the support that it needs to pass at the Federal Level until more major States approve online gambling ... he said, the best chance for a Federal Bill is "if not next year, the year after" ... good for me because Barton's Bill was "poker only" and only restricted bad actors that had been "convicted" of a felony ... he said, although it did not restrict Poker Stars it is likely no State would license them ... uh, then why try to sneak by a Bill that would not restrict them at the Federal Level (did someone get a new extra spending money? ... oh no, that doesn't happen ... not in Washington) ...

    In any case, I'm glad we can put that behind us ... now, let's focus on NJ ... all slot games are off of Spooky Cool's website ... looks like strictly the Oz Social game is there now ... Spooky Cool has been extremely busy applying for and developing a huge portfolio of casino games ... Kamikow has been very busy ... well, he was recognized as one of the top ten most influential people in the gambling industry ... know who else was given that award, Steve Wynn ... oh, and Mattrick was called "One of the smartest people in tech" ... and, what is up with the changed Zynga website directing casino game players to Facebook ... the last agreement that we knew about said that "if real money games were offered by Zynga in a market that allowed Facebook, then Zynga would put those games on Facebook" ... so, the recent change of allowing new players of casino games only to play through Facebook does not help with differentiating RMG from virtual by separating platforms ... who asked for this change back to the Facebook platform ... was it Mattrick ... was it Facebook ... was it a new partner ... and, why would we get a Blog entry about building a new playground but no mention of the Zynga Poker change ... very strange ... headlines coming ... let's watch it all come together ... should be fun

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    • I told you so, even with all of your rude comments. You're welcome.

    • the_nsa_whistleblower the_nsa_whistleblower Jul 21, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

      The fact that the U.S. Congress cannot agree to bring this legislation to the floor for a vote, while unfortunate, is not a surprise, when they seemingly cannot get anything through both houses due to the entrenched differences between the parties that has created dysfunction in both bodies. The states which have no interest in establishing their own internet gaming infrastructure can get around this by simply entering into agreements with states like N.J., to piggyback onto their internet gaming programs, and share revenue in some form of revenue sharing agreement.

    • Where are you getting this from? I get a different quote when I search for news from "Barton poker."

      I get: Rep. Joe Barton: U.S. Federal Online Poker Legislation Not Far Away

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hi Blue,
      Good. As I've said many times I believe state by state is better for Z right now.

      On the change back to FB for Poker I'm trying to think outside the box this morning. What other reasons might be out there for this.

      I also think WYNN needs a partner but how does that get anything done in NJ? I think everyone needs to brace for a potential drop. If they come to the call without a dance partner or plan in NJ then we could get hit pretty hard unless the offsetting plans are big.

      • 1 Reply to socialboom30
      • good morning guys! somewhere in my gut I think that wynn will partner with zynga...and either buy the Atlantic club ....or start construction on a new casino ....its been written that wynn wants back in New Jersey badly ....I read an article that trump and w ynn had discussed partnering on a new casino ....and recently there was an article out stating that trump maintained his rights to online gambling ...this may all Tie in....even if we leave Trump out ...I believe wynnn will get back into New Jersey ....without a doubt this Facebook shuffling of poker and casino games is an up coming headline ...
        this is how I think it goes ......silence ...spooky cool labs.......silence ....Mattrick
        ....silence ....Wynn.....its a pattern ...a pattern of acquiring the best in the business .

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