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  • socialboom30 socialboom30 Jul 23, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    Well, seems like things are getting back to normal...

    Odonell the Doomsday Prepper, is back to posting and talking to himself via his variety of screen names.

    The Wynn nonsense has all died down... What were not having a conference call live from Vegas Thursday?

    And last but not least longs who are down $.15 to $.20 are crying like Rand Paul at a NAACP fundraiser.

    So now what? Well it's what you have all been waiting for... Somebody's right and somebody's wrong and I don't mean about pennies in a drift up or down.

    If the guidance and outlook are poor it's $2.50 If Don Mattrick has a plan and the UK looks good it's $4+ So buckle up Butter Cup, the ride is almost upon us.

    The advantage is to the longs... If the earnings and outlook are weaker than expected the path down will be in a gap, but the new CEO will still have goodwill and the PPS will recover to these levels in short order.

    If the earnings and outlook are good? Then the gap up will also be powerful only I believe the newly set range will hold and shorts will be forced to exit with losses.

    It's all very exciting.

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    • I agree with your assessment that it could have an upside of $4 bucks and a downside of $2.50 if things don't go well at the CC. I don't like the downward momentum right now, but good news can change that quickly. If it drops to $2.50, we'll see 2 bucks before we see $3.60 again. I know it's only pennies that we're losing daily, but it's not a $12 stock that's losing pennies either. It's pretty glaring on a $3.00 stock.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Blue has perpetuated the Wynn nonsense for weeks now; I believe I started the Atlantic Club speculation, and handed off the baton to you where you kicked it into another gear. LOL.

      We all have blood on our hands.

      I now think Zynga will buy a NV casino if they get approved for an operator's license.

      Biatches need to recognize.

    • Yes, it's very exciting, not to mention stressful, when you lose money. Wait until the wife opens your brokerage statement. Then we are talking about fireworks. Women just don't understand the finer nuances of momentum stock trading. It is hopeless for you to explain how a stock can go up and post negative integers. The gentle sex has never been able to grasp the big picture. They are fickle and often irrational. China Girl is one of the rare exceptions. She said this morning, "Mike when the bull dog crosses the Rubicon( --$3--), how long can it be before the longs must face $2.50? Do you think divorce rates will dramatically spike?"
      China Girl is definitely a women of many talents. Most of you can only envy such an assistant.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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